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Furukawa Shiko  Today's Letter

Furukawa Shiko Today's Letter


Traditional art from Gifu, Mino washi papers were arranged in a modern fashion into a dainty letter set.
It has four papers and two envelopes, a perfect amount for being able to use it up.

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There are 32 designs to choose from. You can choose the one that suits the recipient or the feelings you're trying to express. Find the one that works best!

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Each ¥300 + tax
Furukawa Shiko Today’s Letter
Two Letters Each
Sizes (Approx.) [Letter Paper] H 170 x W 79 mm [Vertical Envelope] H 180 x W 90 mm
Made in Japan

Designs: Total 32 Types
Rice Balls / Cat Café / Cameras / Hot Air Balloons & Houses / Clovers / Green Flowers / Green Leaves / Green & a Dog / Small Birds’ Day / Coffee Time / Coffee & Books / Cherries / Travels / Doughnuts / Navy Leaves / Cats, Cats, Cats / Hearts / Balloons / Bread / Piano / Baguette / French Bull Dog / Florals / White Roses / Ribbons & Flowers / Ribbons / Lemons / Small Flowers / Small Birds & Flowers / Stationery / Mr. Bear in the Forest / White Birds

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