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cocofusen -BASIC-

cocofusen -BASIC-


The cocofusen -BASIC- is an excellent and portable plastic post-its that are ready-to-use, all the time. The insides of the outer case enclosing the post-its has an adhesive so you can attach this anywhere, even on books and planners. It has pop-out features, making it easy-to-use and stress-free. Just need one hand to pull out for only the necessary amount. Now with more features added to previous reiterations for improved ease-of-use and comfort. The All-New-and-Improved cocofusen products lines features a case for easy refills, with a mild color scheme.

Buyer's Recommended Features!
The cost efficient case can be restocked with post-its and reused. Simple, adorable-looking cases, with stylish and easy-to-use fusen post-its that features soothing colors that are unlike any other rival products. There are 4 types of cases and 8 types of post-its (for refills).


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Cocofusen -BASIC-
Main M: ¥360 + tax / Main S: ¥390 + tax
Refill M: ¥180 + tax / Refill S: ¥200 + tax
Ivory M JAN:4522163034792
Dark Grey M JAN:4522163034808
Light Grey M JAN:4522163034815
Clear S JAN:4522163034822

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