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Filofax Clipbook

Filofax Clipbook


A personal organizer for daily use, with convenience system organizer that easy to use as a notebook. Part of the appeal is where you can customize the cover and insides as you like.


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Since the six-ring binder cover can be folded 360 degrees, you can write even while standing. There is space to stow a pen inside the spine cover, making it easy to carry around a pen and notebook. Refill pages other than those that come with the product can be added to make an organizer or notebook that suits you. Since the front and back covers have simple designs, I recommend decorating it as you please with stickers or masking tape.

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¥4,200 + tax each
Filofax Clipbook A5
Rose JAN:5015142261290
Vista Blue JAN:5015142261238
Lemon JAN:5015142269456
Orchid JAN:5015142261320
Mint JAN:5015142261269

Ruled, grid, plain pages, checklist・Undated Diary (monthly)
Undated Diary (yearly) ・Undated Diary (daily)

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