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【New Release Umbrellas】 Loaded with Functions! Various Designs! We asked our Buyers for Hands Recommendations of Umbrellas for Spring!

【New Release Umbrellas】 Loaded with Functions! Various Designs! We asked our Buyers for Hands Recommendations of Umbrellas for Spring!


For anyone preparing for the spring sunshine or looking for a personalized favorite umbrella of this year, we will be highlighting some new umbrellas available at Tokyu Hands this coming spring! From functional and practical Hands-staple umbrellas to colors and designs perfect for the spring, we interviewed Hands buyer Takei to get some recommendations!

If stylish design is your thing, then the umbrella created in collaboration with <w.p.c.> is a must!

- Thank you for you time today! It's that time of year again, when new products are available!

Long time, no see! It's HANDS buyer Takei! For anything umbrella-related, he is the man to ask.

Takei: Right. Every year, sales of umbrellas peak around Mother's Day in May, so to coincide with this we made sure to have various kinds of umbrellas available this year too!

- All right then, let's begin!


w.p.c. x Tokyu HANDS collaboration foldable umbrella: each ¥2,200 + tax

Takei : Let's begin here. This umbrella is a collaboration we began last year with <w.p.c.>. The brand is especially popular among young women, with a particular focus on design.

- Is this a new design for this year?

Takei: Yes. Just like last year, we selected one among many designs that we felt was unlike any other amongst our original <hands+> brand and that was also very popular at our office.


- Perhaps it's the color balance, but it seems to have a more feminine aesthetic.

Takei: On top of that, we added our HANDS' ideas in terms of functionality. One point is the pouch you put the umbrella in. It has an L-shaped fastener, making it very easy to take in or out.


Takei: Also, the pouch has a hook attachment, so you can attach it to something and carry it around without placing inside a bag. This is because we thought there would be many people who don't want the inside of their bag getting wet.

- Of course. It also solves the problem of losing this pouch too.

Takei: Yes, that merit counts too. The series itself is a combination between the features of the two brands, design and functionality. We had an overwhelming positive response last year, so much that production couldn't keep up. If you're looking for a stylish umbrella, I highly recommend this!

To combat sunlight in spring, try the hands+ parasol!

- Let's move on to the next recommendation!


hands+ Grade-1 Foldable Parasol: ¥3,900~¥4,300 + tax each

Takei: Right. Next we have here a HANDS staple, our original brand <hands+> parasol series.

- This is quite a wide and varied lineup.

Takei: There are in all 21 designs, with these being the new colors and designs for this year.

- 21 types, that is a lot to choose from (laughs).

Takei: We make sure to include popular colors and designs from every year, but we add in new ideas and popular trends from time to time.


Takei: In terms of functionality, we put a lot of emphasis on developing a strong filter to cut out sunlight. Not only did we add coating to the front, but to the back like this, to thoroughly filter out light.

- I'm surprised that there was coating involved. That is a relief for anyone not wanting to get sunburned.

Takei: Right. It has what is called "blackout shading" often used in curtains, with UV filter rates of up to 99.9%, so we achieved light shielding at 99.9%, or nearly 100%.

- So it has incredible light shielding features. What other functions does it have?

Takei: The foldable types use what is called an "easy to open and close" frame structure. Some umbrellas require you to collapse the frame by hand when folding, but this one here can be done in one single motion.

- It does become a little tiresome when you need to enter or leave a building often and need to fold your umbrella every time.

Takei: That's right. We believe that women use parasols more frequently than men, so we made sure that ease of use was emphasized. Price-wise since we believe it is very affordable, so we hope people will try them out at our stores.

Takei's Number One Recommendation! A Perfect Match for Backpack Aficionados!

- You suddenly seem happy, Takei, why is that?


Takei: Ah, you could tell (laughs). It's that in terms of functionally, I highly recommend this umbrella here.


hands+ Backpack Protection Jump Long Umbrella 65 cm: ¥2,900 + tax

- Wow! Another layer of material came out from under the top layer!


Takei: That is correct. This umbrella uses a mechanism that stretches the frame to expand the range it can protect against rain. This umbrella was developed with the people you often see recently carrying backpacks on their way to work in mind.

- I see! This really does seem big enough to cover a backpack. It looks like it adds another 10 cm.

Takei: When you have on a backpack, using a standard umbrella kind of gets awkward. Trying to keep your backpack out of the rain will get rain on you and vice versa, but with this umbrella, there is no such problem!


- That's true! Having a wider coverage does seem to make things easier.

Takei: Right. Take for example when you are wearing leather shoes, you can make is so that the tip of the shoes won't get wet, or extend to your sides when you're walking with your child.

- I see!

Takei: This first appeared in fall of last year, and even then it became the talk of the town at the store. I recommend this one to anyone carrying a backpack for both work and private life!

And now, the current best-selling series! An incredibly lightweight umbrella!

- Thank you for showing all of these, and the next is the last one!

Takei: Right. The last one we have here is the ultra-light umbrella that is easy to carry for both men and women.


hands+ ultra light folding umbrella 50 cm: starting price ¥2,900 + tax

- You can feel it when you hold it, but it really is light!

Takei: It weighs 99 grams. When you take into account that the smartphones we use are all usually around 140 grams, it shows how light it is compared to anything else we carry.

- This is so light that I nearly forgot I'm holding it (laughs).

Takei: Sorry, that's something I can't help you with (laughs). Although there may be other lightweight umbrellas, our <hands+> ultra lightweight umbrellas are also sturdy and durable.

- Could you tell us about that in more detail?

Takei: That would be the structure and number of frames. The frame is carbon fiber. This material is often used in fishing poles due to its flexibility and durability, it can withstand wind speeds up to 15 meters per second.

- What about the number of frames?


Takei: Most lightweight umbrellas have five frames. But our HANDS umbrellas have six for the purpose of evening out the load against the winds.

- I see. Lightweight, but also committed to durability.

Takei: Right. In addition, since it has a UV block rate of 90%, it can also be used as a parasol. Since it practically weighs nothing, you can keep it in your bag to use along with the long umbrella too!

- It certainly seems that there are all kinds of designs and features this year, too! Thank you again for showing us all these products!

Closing Remarks

This spring at all Tokyu HANDS stores, there will be all kinds of umbrellas with stylish designs and practical features! Do try and find your own preferred umbrella that best matches your needs.

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