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[Recommended Umbrellas]

[Recommended Umbrellas] "Ultralight, ultra-water-repellent, and aesthetically pleasing"--You will be able to find the one you want among the selected hands+ umbrellas


Why don't you introduce selected hands+ (Hands Plus) umbrellas into your collection in preparation for the unpredictable fall weather such as typhoons and unexpectedly strong rain storms? Today, we would like to introduce umbrellas designed with specific features in mind, such as weight and water repellency together with the voice of customers who actually use them.

Sudden rain? No problem! It's so light that you forget that you have your umbrella in your bag

Do you sometimes hesitate to bring your umbrella because it's heavy? hands+ folding umbrellas are ultralight--e.g., the 55cm rib type weighs only 119g. It is lighter than your smartphone with a UV shielding rate of 90% or more! You could use it on both rainy and sunny days.



hands+ ultra light folding umbrella 50cm starting at ¥2,900 + tax , 55 cm starting at ¥3,300 + tax

<<Voice of the Customer>>
・ Since it's light and compact, it is easy to put in your bag
・ It is so light that you forget it's in your bag!

Say goodbye to the stress of having water drops on your umbrellas when closing it!

A wear-proof, water-repellent coating is used for long-lasting water repellency. Close and shake the umbrella once, and there will hardly be any drop of water left on it! You can also open and close the umbrella by the simple push of a button.


Left: hands+ Ultra Water Repellent Jump Long Umbrella 60 cm ¥4,600 + tax
Right: hands+ Ultra Water Repellent Automatic Open/Close Umbrella 55 cm ¥5,100 + tax

<<Voice of the Customer>>
・ Light for its size. The umbrella is water repellent, and I didn't notice droplets of water when I closed it.
・ Durable with excellent water repellency. A little heavy but acceptable.
・ Very durable. Automatic opening and closing feature is convenient.

A fashionable denim umbrella to cheer you up on a rainy day!

Okayama prefecture, known as the producer of denim. The quality of their denim is so good that they are praised even outside Japan! The hands+ umbrellas made with Okayama denim are attractive with a beautiful gloss and the uneven texture, unique to denim. The UV shielding rate is at least 90%. It can be used whether it rain or shine.


Left: hands+ Okayama Denim Long Umbrella 60 cm ¥5,900 + tax
Right: hands+ Okayama Denim Folding Umbrella 55 cm ¥6,300 + tax

<<Voice of the Customer>>
・ The striped pattern on the denim is cute.
・ I thought the denim fabric might be thick, but it didn't bother me.
・ It's large, so it offers excellent protection from the sun.

Closing Remarks

It depends on what each user values--ultra-lightness, ultra-water-repellency, or aesthetics. How about finding an umbrella that you like to have more fun on rainy days?

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