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Blocks sunlight almost completely! Parasol by Tokyu Hands' original brand,

Blocks sunlight almost completely! Parasol by Tokyu Hands' original brand, "hands+"


You would want to have a parasol ready this time of year as the sunlight gets stronger by the day. We recommend parasols created by Tokyu Hands' original brand, "hands+", made with high UV shielding rate and unique design. Those of you who want to take thorough UV protection measures should check them out!

The secret that protects you from UV rays lies in the special fabric!


Adequate UV protection coating is applied on the fabric of hands+ parasols. With the light shielding rate of over 99.99% and UV shielding rate of over 99%, they are certified as parasols with 1st Degree Light Shielding Rate! They are filled with ideas to not only block UV rays and heat that intensify increasingly and prevent sunburn, but also to keep it cool for the holder. It will no doubt be helpful to have one during the season with intense sunrays!

Collapsible parasols are not only functional but also a perfect gift!

Collapsible types with pop colors and designs are recommended as casual gifts for friends and Mother's Day gifts. It may be a good idea to purchase a parasol with a different color or design for yourself, too, and share parasols with your mother. The handles are cute, too, like miniature versions of standard, non-collapsible umbrellas.


hands+ 1st Degree Light Shielding Rate Foldable Parasol with rope, 50 cm, 3,900 yen + tax

It's fun to coordinate standard, non-collapsible umbrellas with clothes!

Standard umbrellas that cover a wide area to keep you dry are made with attention to designs and colors, too. You can choose from various types, from basic colors to vivid colors that can serve as an accent to your fashion. Pick one that best fits your style.


hands+ 1st Degree Light Shielding Rate umbrella with rope, 50 cm, 3,900 yen + tax (*Scheduled for release on April 13th [Friday])


How was the article? Parasols are a must-have for UV protection. If you're looking for highly functional umbrellas and want to choose from a variety of colors and designs because it's something you use every day, please try them!

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