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Writes Stylishly and Smoothly! Three High-Grade Ballpoint Pen Picks

Writes Stylishly and Smoothly! Three High-Grade Ballpoint Pen Picks


The longer you have been working, the stronger your preference is for the tools you use at work. Therefore, we focused on ballpoint pens, which are the closest partners to a working person. We are selecting and introducing pens that write smoothly to a point where they become addictive.

Inks with 1/5 viscosity of regular inks! Pilot Acro Drive

True to its name, Pilot Acro Drive is a pen aimed to run across the paper when writing. Developed by Pilot, the Acro Ink has 1/5 viscosity of regular permanent inks. By adding a lubricant, Pilot prevents the streaks that happen when the pen first starts writing and has achieved a smoother rotation of the ballpoint. Its medium thick shape has a beautiful streamline. Pilot used gold and silver metals on the end cap and the clip for an expensive look.


Pilot Acro Drive ¥3,000 + tax

Clearly and smoothly. Jet Stream Prime Single

Jet Stream Prime Single from uni achieves a friction-free writing experience regardless of the speed you write. This upgraded model has maintained the uni writing experience while paying attention to its stylish design and the clicking sound. It draws clear and thick lines with ink that has double the blackness of regular inks. The brass at its tip adds just the right amount of weight to the tip of the pen for stable writing experience.


uni Jet Stream Prime Single ¥2,200 + tax

Best of Permanent and Water-Based Ink! Emulsion Ink Filare

The firmness of permanent ink and the smoothness of water-based ink. Filare uses emulsion ink equipped with both of those properties. Although it has a simple design, the metal on the tube and the clip gives it an expensive look suitable for a business setting. It is not only for those who want to splurge a little bit on a ballpoint pen but also as a gift for friends and family.


Zebra Filare ¥2,000 + tax

Closing Remarks

How was it? Because pens are something that you use on a daily basis without thinking, you don't want to make any compromises on your writing experience. These are the three picks for those looking to up their game as working people. Please try them out for yourself.

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