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Let's DIY the Sharing File!

Let's DIY the Sharing File!


Do you know what is a "Sharing File", now hot in SNS? It is a handmade file that you can exchange or give it as a gift, filled with stationary such as letter sets, stickers, and masking tapes. This time, we have thought about how to make cute files in a fun and an easy way. Why don't you make the one and only Sharing File by combining different masking tapes and envelopes?

These are the materials for the cover


Please prepare a drawing paper for the cover, the parts for the pocket, mini envelopes, masking tapes, thin rubber bands etc.

Let's make the cover!



Let's start by sticking the masking tapes on the drawing paper. By sticking on the whole surface, the paper gets thicker and the resistance increases.
You can stick the tapes diagonally also. Please design it freely!

Inner storage parts, accordion pockets of the mini envelopes.


Cut off the envelope lids,


Stick the double-sided tapes,


And join the envelopes together.



It is completed with the pull hand part in front.

Insertion Pocket


Stick the masking tape on the drawing paper cut into a 1/4 circle.


Cut a centimeter of masking tape for the L shape sided part, make the tape jump out, and for the arc part, cut it by following the paper.


Stick this on the left corner of the cover

Clip Storage Holder


Leave both ends of the masking tape about 1.5cm, and make the parts with the sticky side stuck together, and stick both ends on the base.

Invisible Pocket


Stick the invisible pocket first, and then stick the tape around it.


Make it cool by placing a transparent foldable paper inside On the back of the lid of the cover, we pasted a color-matching masking tape.

Sharing items inside is also DIY!


If you add handmade sharing items, it raises its originality! Put a ribbon on the clips, or make a garland using masking tapes... It can become something filled with thoughts and love for the person receiving it.

Attach the lid fastening parts

Drill a hole with a drilling punch and pass the rubber through. In addition, we used an eyelet to give a touch.


Put the eyelet on the lid,


Pass the thin rubber through and the file is completed!

Stuff sharing items inside!


Set cards, stickers, sticky notes and collected paper items inside the pocket. Add also the flags and clips that you made! The highlight is the visible ribbon clip once you fold the lid.

1708-sharefile12 .JPG

The three-dimensional accordion pocket also gives us a feeling full of surprises! We can imagine the receiver's happy face. Please try this!

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