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Easier than you think!

Easier than you think! "Personalized pens" to make gifts that are a little bit more special!


We are closing into the end of the year where you will be giving away more gifts. Starting with Christmas, parties to celebrate the end of the year and welcome the new year, or to show appreciation for those close to you. How about you choose gifts that are a little bit more special and different from the previous year? What we want to recommend here is "name engraving." Instead of just buying and giving away, add something to make it special. At Tokyu Hands, we offer a free name engraving service (handled within that day) for a purchase of target items such as stationery and leather accessories. This time, we tried the name engraving service at the Tokyu Hands Shinjuku Store! We will introduce the moment of creation of personalized gifts that make people happy.

Stationary name engraving at Tokyu Hands. The appeal is its speed!


First, we interviewed Ikeuchi who is in charge of stationery at the Shinjuku store. "The Tokyu Hands name engraving takes about 30 minutes per pen from when customers apply (*1). Many customers use our name engraving services at this time of the year for gifts to give away at end-of-the-year parties. For example, they can place an order during lunch and pick it up in the early evening before the party. The Shinjuku store is also close to a bus terminal, so foreign tourists come to our store while they wait for their buses. They take an interest when they see the name engraving machine at work and buys the personalized items as souvenirs. It is a must-try for those who believe that name engraving takes times."
If it is done in 30 minutes, you can probably get it in your free time or when you stop by for something else. Easier than you think-- Tokyu Hands' name engraving. We will go ahead and try!
(*1) We may take more time during busy hours.

Choose the pen that you want to gift and decide on the letters you want to engrave!


First, start by choosing the pen. The Tokyu Hands Shinjuku Store has rows of pens, which are a perfect gift! Apparently, students tend to choose multifunction pens, which have ballpoint pens and a mechanical pencil, and adults tend to choose ballpoint pens. There are many affordable items with prices starting from ¥1,000. This time, we chose a Hands Original Green Branch Project Jet Stream, which is made of Japanese cedars from forest thinning.


Once you decided on your gift pen, next, place a request for letters or sentences that you want to engrave. You can engrave people's names as well as seasonal event names such as "XX Anniversary" or "XX Committee 2017." Apparently, there have been customers who have placed an order of at least 10 pens to give away at their offices or PTA gatherings. The engravings do not have to be alphabets, and you can also engrave kanji! The number of letters depends on the pen, so please ask the staff for details.
* The items eligible for name engraving and the order sheet depends on the store.

Finally, engraving the names! It is also fun to watch the machine at work.


First, set the pen on the base.


Next, set the base into the name engraving machine!


Once you have decided on the pen and the letters, it is finally the time for the name engraving machine to start engraving a name! Ikeuchi set the pen with a practiced hand, and once he entered the letter into the computer, the name engraving machine began carving with the sound of scraping.


The sound continues, making it obvious that the machine is engraving.


Watching the letters being engraved is interesting.


Watching the letters being engraved is interesting.

We were listening to the sound of the pen being engraved into for a while, but the engraving was done in just about two minutes! It happened very quickly! Now, we are convinced that it only takes 30 minutes to hand the pens back to the customers.

A special box and wrapping papers make it look even more like a gift!


Once the name engraving is complete, you can check the engraving.


We have gift boxes from all the manufacturers. (This time, it is the Mitsubishi Jet Stream)


The same goes for the wrapping paper!


A gift for your special person is complete!

Lastly, check the pen with the engraving and get it wrapped. If you choose a pen that is at least ¥1,000 at the Tokyu Hands Shinjuku Store, we will box and wrap your pen in the box and paper with the brand of the pen. The personalized gift is now complete!

Closing Remarks

The pen that we had engraved was a gift for a family member, and he was very happy to see his name on the pen.
It is strange how a regular gift becomes
"personalized" just by engraving a name. Easy but something different from a regular gift. How about you engrave names into your gifts this year?

* Services may be different depending on the store.
* Products from the article may not be available in some stores. Please contact the store for product availability.
* Some stores may request customers to place backorders for products from the article.
* Some products and their specifications may be subject to change or may have limited stock. * The pictures include props for presentational purposes.

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