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Have you decided on your planner for next year? Three item selections to use together with your planner.

Have you decided on your planner for next year? Three item selections to use together with your planner.


There are only a few days left on our calendar this year. Have you decided on your planner for next year? We are introducing convenient items to use together with your planner whether you have already purchased your planner or not! They will come in handy to make your planner experience fuller next year.

Make it more convenient to carry your planner and pen!

Speaking of things to use together with your planner, they are pens. If you want to be smart in carrying pens, it is convenient to use pen holders or cases that you can insert or put between your planner. You can attach it to the planner cover, so that when it comes to writing, you won't have to say, "I don't have a pen!". If having one pen is just enough, then we recommend the holder type. If you have a strong preference for color coding and using ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, then we recommend the case type.


Magnet Pen Holder Double (Width 3.8 x Height 10.6 cm) ¥900 + tax
Metal Pen Holder (Coffee/Width 3.8 x Height 2.8 cm) ¥690 + tax
Metal Pen Holder (Cat/Width 3.6 x Height 3.5 cm) ¥680 + tax

The key point is the clip! A band that holds the planner secure.

Rubber bands to keep your planner from opening. They are convenient, but there might be people who end up losing the band itself. What comes in handy at those times, is this clip-on band. You just have to insert the clip on the back cover to prevent losing the band and keep the planner closed.12diary_02.jpg

Midori Clip Band (For B6) ¥520 + tax.

Keep your sticky notes in your planner so that you won't forget!

You can keep your sticky notes, which you often carry separately, in your planner, so that you can use them whenever you want. These sticky notes are a clip-on film type. They are stiffer compared to the regular sticky notes. Although they have the slimness and transparency of a sticky film note, they are easier to turn and less likely to bend. The sticky notes are in a case, and once you have used them up, all you have to do is change the case. The clips are reusable.


Kanmido Clip Cocofusen (25 Notes x 2 Cases) ¥390 + tax

Closing Remarks

Items that you can add to make your regular planners more convenient. How would you like to use these convenient items next year to make your planner life more fun?

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