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[Planner Decorations] Make your monthly pages looks adorable with these decorations

[Planner Decorations] Make your monthly pages looks adorable with these decorations


Don't waste your planner by just writing out your schedule! Planners tend to look a bit dull with include nothing but your schedule. Today, we will be introducing what items you can use to decorate your monthly pages and how you can turn it into an adorable creation!

STEP 1: Before writing out your schedule!


It's important to start even before you write anything in your planner! These title decoration stickers include some adorable framed stickers! Use these to decorate your planner!

Planner Title Stickers ¥260 + tax each


Write your daily plans and important events on these stickers.


Using them like this will transform your planner and make it easier to see your plans! Even if your plans change, it's c just to peel it off and replace with the new one!

STEP 2: After decorate big plans, next is to decorate your daily plans


Petit Deco Rush is decoration tape. These ones here are collaborative works that feature patterns designed by eraser stamp artist mizutama!

Petit Deco Rush Wide ¥300 + tax each


Mark your important plans with a Triangle Peek in the corner.


On days that you decide to be lazy, roll on "Oyasumi Goron" tape, a lazy sleeper cat or rabbit.


Put Marking Girl on that days that you want to highlight. This adorable girl will show you your important plans!


Now your monthly page is looking merrier!

STEP 3: You can use it as you like with bande!


bande ¥400 + tax each

A familiar decorating item, bande is a fun masking tape that consists of individual stickers that you can peel off. There are lots of different designs, allowing you to decorate in whatever style you want.


These bande tape stickers are easy to peel off and stick back on. You can decorate without being scared of making a mistake!


Now your planner looks fancy!

STEP 4: Make your daily plans more fun by decorating them!


These accomplishment stickers are little pictures, so you can show what you ate that day or reward yourself after working hard. You can use them at the end of the day and keep a record of your life.

Accomplishment Planner Stickers ¥260 + tax each


You can use this sticker on the day when you worked hard to prepare your lunch box!


You can give yourself a trophy if you were able to run more than your daily goal!


Here is the completed monthly page! It's not only adorable but neat and easy to read, too!

Closing Remarks

What we have introduced are simple stick-on decorations. You can get creative and change how your planner looks even without drawing in it or gluing in photos! Give it a try!

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