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Stationery Store Awards 2018 - Gem that even the experts want to buy for themselves

Stationery Store Awards 2018 - Gem that even the experts want to buy for themselves


Established in 2013, the Stationery Store Awards celebrates its sixth anniversary this year. It welcomes clerks from popular stationery stores as judges for a strict screening of products that which they would like to pay out of their own pockets Let's see which items the judges approved.

Stationery Store Awards 2018 Grand Prize! Ballpoint Pens by Sakura Color Products


Ballpoint pens from Sakura Color Products called the craft_lab with great attention to material and details. The brass body inspired by Coupy Cray-Pas, a famous product from Sakura Color Products has a perfect weight and feel, becoming more personalized with every use.
This ballpoint pen is a long-term partner for adults who love writing.

Sakura Cray-Pas craft_lab 001 (Total 5 Colors) \5,000 + tax

Idea Award! The perfect fountain pen for first timers


Designed for people to become more attached to their first fountain pen, kaküno is simple and easy-to-use. It has a fun and user-friendly design such as a smiley mark at the tip of the pen, a cap with depressions to make it easier to open, and a pencil-like, hexagonal body.
Recommended for children who first use a fountain pen, and even adults! It would also be fun for a parent and a child to get matching ones.

Pilot Fountain Pen kaküno (Ultra Thin/Thin/Medium) \1,100 + tax

Design Award! For carrying your sticky notes stylishly!


The sticky notes, previously introduced in the Hint Magazine, also caught the experts' eyes! The Clip-on sticky notes that can be clipped between notebook pages, and are easy to carry. Say goodbye to troubles with finding a place for your sticky notes. Clip them anywhere that's convenient for you, on your notebook, notes, books and places that are close to you. It is compatible with all small and medium coco fusen sticky notes. Choose the color and pattern of any sticky note you like, and give it a go.

Kanmido Clip coco fusen (Total 8 Types) ¥420 + tax

Functionality Award! A Must-Have Item for Masking Tape Lovers!


Masking tapes, the must-have item for baking and craft lovers, are great for wrapping, labeling baked goods and decorating planners. However, masking tapes are difficult to cut cleanly by hand, and it can be bothersome to pull out your scissors every time you use your masking tape. That is when Karu Cut clips come in handy which can be clipped onto your tapes. The Karu Cut blades have been processed specially to achieve a clean cut, adding more fun to your masking tape creations!

Kokuyo Karu Cut Clip Type (Total 3 Colors)
10 - 15 mm Tape Width Compatible \360 + tax
20 - 25 mm Tape Width Compatible \380 + tax

Extra Edition! Hands Exclusive--Fun, Customize-able Pencil Case


If you want to keep your favorite stationery in your personalized pencil case, this Connect Pen Case is for you!
Each type of pencil case such as mini pocket, flat, and box has buttons to easily connect to each other for additional space.
There are many color variations so that you can change them depending on your mood or color code by the type of stationery for convenience!

Connect Pencil Case
Mini Pocket (Total 9 Colors) \400 + tax
Flat Pencil Case (Total 9 Colors) \700 + tax
Box Pencil Case (Total 9 Colors) \1,000 + tax

Closing Remarks

How was it? These are excellent stationeries, selected by experts.
Each stationery will definitely grab your attention! The Tokyu Hands stores are also holding a Stationery Festival. Make sure to take the opportunity to find your favorite item!

* Products introduced in this article may not be available in some stores. * Please contact stores for availability.
* Products introduced in this article may need to be back-ordered in some stores.
* Prices and specifications are subject to change, and the number of items available may be limited. * Photographs may include items for display purpose only.

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