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The Best of Stationery Awards 2019: The best of the best that even stationery professionals want to buy!

The Best of Stationery Awards 2019: The best of the best that even stationery professionals want to buy!


This year "The Best of Stationery Awards" was held for the 7th time. The awards brought in stationery professionals from large-scale book stores, stationery stores, department stores and online stores as judges to strictly select items that even they want to buy. So without further ado, let's see what sort of stationery got selected! This time, we even added Tokyu Hands awards, which are not included in the magazine!

The Grand Prize for The Best of Stationery Awards 2019! <GLOO-Stick> with which you can apply glue to corners!

<GLOO-Stick> sports a unique rectangular shape, unlike common cylindrical glues. It was designed by a popular product designer Mr. Oki Sato. Not only is it stylish but also highly functional, with a shape that allows you to apply glue to corners and a unique cap that stands on its own and lets you take off and put on the cap easily with one hand. It is "highly recommended" by the buyers of Tokyu Hands!



Kokuyo's GLOO-Stick (Firm Adhesive)
L: ¥380 + tax / M: ¥250 + tax / S: ¥130 + tax

The Idea Award goes to an easy-to-carry "Masking Tape Holder" in the shape of a pen!

<maco> is a compact pen-size holder that lets you carry around your masking tapes. By using the special "tiny rolling pin" attachment, up to 4 rolls of usually bulky masking tapes turn portable and compact to be carried around inside a pencil case or a pouch. With this, you can always have masking tapes with your favorite designs at work, school or anywhere!


Kanmido's maco: ¥620 each + tax

The Design Award goes to the mechanical pencil with a super-reliable "MONO plastic eraser"!

This is an upgraded version of the popular "MONO graph" mechanical pencil series, with the famous "MONO" plastic eraser on its end! It is a highly functional model, with a soft-rubber grip and a durable metal clip added to the previous version. "Shaker (to extend lead)" and "shaker-lock" functions still intact, it is now more comfortable to use than ever!

Tombow's MONO graph grip: ¥450 each + tax

Tokyu Hands Honorable Mention Award (Mechanical Pencil Category) goes to the popular <SMASH> with Tokyu Hands-only limited colors!

Pentel's <SMASH> mechanical pencil is infamous for having the durability to endure up to 100,000 clicks. It comes with stylish Tokyu Hands-only limited colors, but its designs and functions, such as an easy-to-push accordion folded button at the top and its trademark rubber grip, are exactly the same as before. Highly recommended for those who want their very own, one-and-only!


Pentel's SMASH, Tokyu Hands-only limited color: ¥1,000 each + tax

Tokyu Hands Honorable Mention Award (Fountain Pen Category) goes to a fountain pen that can also be used as a calligraphy pen!

<Sailor>, a company that continues to deliver the joy of writing, now offers a unique fountain pen with which you can also write calligraphy. Even if using brushes were never your forte, this specially designed pen-tip with a 40-degree angle makes it a breeze to write in calligraphy! Lay on its sides for bold lines and hold it vertically for fine lines. The word is out! It is much easier to write with than a brush!

Sailor's Fountain Pen, Fude DE Mannen: ¥1,000 + tax

Closing Remarks

As all products awarded were carefully selected by seasoned professionals, their functions and designs are outstanding. You should try all these superb items! Currently, Tokyu Hands is holding a "Stationary Festival", so this would be the perfect opportunity to find your favorite stationery!

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