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We have actually tried some mills! Choose a coffee mill by its grinding feel and design!

We have actually tried some mills! Choose a coffee mill by its grinding feel and design!


Coffee grinding time. That is a fun and blissful time in the process of making coffee. To make that wonderful time more fulfilling, we are introducing mills made with attention to details by popular brands. Here's a report on 3 products we have taken a close look at. Not only did we focus on their functions that determine how coffee beans are ground, but also their designs.

This is sure to draw attention when used outdoors!


Porlex Ceramic Coffee Mill is a cool looking one with stylish design! It's easy to carry as it's the smallest one of the 3 mills, and it fits right in your hand because of its simple shape. Ceramic blades leave no metallic smell and grind setting can be adjusted with a screw at the bottom, so its function is of satisfactory level. Since it can be taken apart and washed, take it to outdoor festivals or camps and make it a part of your outdoor lifestyle.


Porlex Ceramic Coffee Mill (diameter 4.8cm x height 18.7cm) 5,800 yen + tax

Steady grinding feel and a classic look


A mill with a striking bulky form from Kalita. Because of this design, it is exceptionally steady when you grind coffee beans. You can feel the sensation of grating as it is a burr mill, and ground coffee beans looked even and smooth. Its good old classic design is also nice. It looks like something used at a stylish cafe. It's recommended for people who want to enjoy an old-fashioned coffee time. This mill lets you feel the whole "coffee grinding" experience.


Kalita Coffee Mill KH-3 (height 21cm) 3,800 yen + tax

Calculated, smooth grinding motion


Hario Ceramic Slim is distinctively easy to hold as it is slightly narrow in the middle and easy to turn the handle because it is curved. We could feel the smooth grinding motion of the burr. Grind setting can be adjusted, of course, and there are lines on the bottle that tells you how much coffee beans you have grinded. Ceramic burr is less likely to produce friction heat and therefore prevents heat damage to coffee powder. It is also nice to know all parts can be taken apart and washed, even the burr, and kept clean at all times.


Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim (height 22cm) 3,000 yen + tax


Choosing a mill best suited for your tastes, such as grinding feel, smoothness of coffee powder, and design, is a part of enjoying coffee. Find a favorite mill and your coffee life will be even more fulfilling.

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