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Open the lid, and look at that smiley face ! Easy Dekoben (arranged bento box) with Nori and picks.

Open the lid, and look at that smiley face ! Easy Dekoben (arranged bento box) with Nori and picks.


Children's smile makes everyone happy. But honestly, it's not easy to make their bento boxes! Many of you should worry about what to make every day and how to make them happy. That's why this time, we will present you goodies that would realize easy arrangement and fun making of bento boxes. If you have these items, you won't need to be worried from September, when the "bento-box-making-days" will start once again!

Hold it, press it and stick it! Ask your child to help you out!

This is the "Smiley Face-O-musubi Set"; you can make various "faces" like the family members' for example! The handle is on the Onigiri mold, so you can mold the hot rice balls without burning yourself. We also recommend this to the beginners of kyaraben (arranged bento with food decorated to look like people or characters).

You can use the dedicated punching die to cut the Nori(dried seaweed), to make the eyebrows and hair, or any parts bringing expression on the face. Put the Nori on the cutter mat and push the punching die on it. There are 2 sorts of punching dies that you can overlay, and it's handily designed to store them.


Stick well the bangs and the back hair. Beware not to blow away the eyes, mouth and nose parts.

For those who think that your child would prefer animals in their bento box, we recommend you the "Omusubi Nyan". You can easily make cute cat-formed onigiris. There are 3 sorts of faces. In addition to the punching dies realizing whiskers and paws, there's also a cutter for cheese and ham. You can combine and enjoy the onigiri arrangement!

The "Crispy Nori-Cutting Squad Japanese Pattern set" is a set of Japanese-taste Nori cutters creating cherry blossom, bean-shaped dots and wavy patterns. By cutting drilling fine holes on the Nori, it makes it easier to bite. Not only it is useful for your children, but it could also play a big role for grandpas and grandmas whenever the go out!


Omusubi Nyan 1,000 yens+tax
Smiley Face-O-musubi Set 1.000 yens+tax
Crispy Nori-Cutting Squad Japanese Pattern set 1,598 yens+tax

Decorate the side dishes using leaves! Convenient picks for an easy arrangement.

The picks that we use for side-dishes and vegetables are also recommended items to bring more cuteness to the bento boxes. Not only they are colorful or in a shape of a character, there are several types of picks whether they are in a form of fork, long or short, so combine and use them according to the side-dishes. Why not ask your child: "do you want pandas for today?"


"Leaf Picks" that would transform the cherry tomatoes into cherries, or quail eggs into turnips, or "Eyeball Picks" that would bring impactful googly eyes are creative picks that makes bento-making more fun!


2 Leaf Picks 250 yens+tax
2 Eyeball picks 300 yens+tax
Happy Panda Picks 300 yens+tax
Happy Cup Panda Picks Set 400 yens+tax

On the final note,

As it is a daily activity, we shouldn't feel pressure when it comes to Bento making. What we've presented to you are items that could bring great motivation for you to be in the kitchen. Easy arranges of rice and side-dishes could make your "usual dishes" fancier.

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