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You can make cold brew coffee easily at home! Recommended coffee makers and information on usages

You can make cold brew coffee easily at home! Recommended coffee makers and information on usages


Midsummer is coming. Coffee lovers who crave iced coffee on boiling hot days, why not enjoy easy-to-make cold brew coffee at home? In this article, we are introducing cold brew coffee makers that we recommend to our readers.

Why cold brew coffee? What's so good about it?


Cold brew coffee is also known as Dutch coffee. Unlike iced coffee, where hot water is poured and coffee extract is cooled quickly with ice, water is used to extract coffee. Using this method, compounds such as caffeine are less likely to infuse into the water, allowing you to enjoy rich and refreshing coffee without bitterness. Cold brew coffee is perfect for hot summer!

3 cold brew coffee makers recommended by Tokyu Hands!

Wallmug Bearl Cold Brew

A tumbler which you can easily make cold brew coffee. Start cold brewing at night and you'll have delicious cold brew coffee in the morning. It's easy to clean, too, as its lid and strainer can be taken apart.

How to use
(1) Put ground coffee in the strainer (approx.20g)
(2) Pour water (280-300ml)
(3) Let the coffee infuse (8-12hours)


Wallmug Bearl Cold Brew (With the strainer: 250ml, Without the strainer: 400ml) 1,650 yen + tax

BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer/My Dutch Cold Brew Dripper

With BeanPlus/My Dutch cold brew dripper, you can make and enjoy cold brew coffee in comparatively short time.


You can change the extraction time freely with a unique valve that adjusts the interval of coffee drips minutely. Coffee can be extracted in the refrigerator. This maker lets you enjoy fresh and delicious cold brew coffee because coffee does not get exposed to air.

How to use
(1) Place a round filter at the bottom of the coffee basket
(2) Put ground coffee (90g) and shake the container lightly to spread it evenly
(3) Place another round filter on top of ground coffee
(4) Adjust the valve to set the interval of coffee drips to 1second
(5) Pour water (550ml)
(6) Let the coffee extract (approx. 5hours)


BeanPlus/My Dutch Cold Brew Dripper 6,800 yen + tax

Cold Brew Coffee Jug

You can make cold brew coffee easily and keep the brewed coffee in the container. Because coffee is extracted slowly with water, you can relish the true taste and aroma of coffee beans. Its stylish design is also appealing.

How to use
(1) Put ground coffee (80g) in the strainer
(2) Pour water (1,000ml)
(3) Let the coffee infuse (approx. 8hours)


Hario Cold Brew Coffee Jug (Makes 1000ml of coffee) 5,000 yen + tax

Extra information: Savor cold coffee with crema on top

Nescafé Gold Blend Handy Ice Crema Server lets you enjoy cold coffee with crema easily anywhere. As it is light, small, and handy, not only can it be used at home but also outdoors and at parties.


How to use
(1) Set Nescafé bottled coffee, size 900 ml (*in a plastic bottle)
(2) Pull the red lever toward you to pour coffee (however much you like)
(3) Push the red lever to pour crema (however much you like)

By covering coffee with fine crema, you can fully enjoy the aroma of coffee. The crema makes it mellow to the taste, too. You may get hooked on coffee with crema.


Ice Crema Server (with 2trial AA Alkaline batteries) 2,980 yen + tax


How did you like the article? With these elaborately made coffee makers, you can easily enjoy cold brew coffee at home. Purchase one you'd like to try and refresh yourself with cold brew coffee this summer.

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