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[Oral Care] Three Recommended Items to Keep Your Teeth Clean

[Oral Care] Three Recommended Items to Keep Your Teeth Clean

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Oral care is very important in preventing cavities and gum diseases. Perhaps you should check how you brush and care for your teeth every day. Today, we are introducing the recommended items that we selected to help protect your precious teeth.

Contains lactic acid bacteria found in the mouths of people who have healthy teeth!

This mouthwash was created from joint research with the department of dentistry at a university. It contains the lactic acid bacteria called "L8020 bacteria". * Dextrin, lactobacillus, fermented rice product (mouth cleansing ingredients). These bacteria were found in the mouths of people who have healthy teeth. Lactic acid bacteria are well known to improve your digestive system, but they are also crucial for maintaining healthy teeth! Pour the right amount in your mouth and rinse for about 20 - 30 seconds, then you'll feel refreshed! It's effective when used after brushing your teeth.


CuchuPé L-8020 Mouthwash Soft Mint (500 ml) ¥1,200 + tax

Prevent "Adult Cavities" with Concentrated Fluorine!

Common types of adult cavities are the ones you get close to the roots when your gums recede, and the recurring ones that you get between your teeth and dental fillings. To prevent these kinds of cavities, shield your teeth with fluorine! "F Paste α" contains 1.5 times more fluorine compared to the existing products of the same manufacturer. It takes care of everything, from the enamel layer on the surface of your teeth, all the way to the dentine at the roots. A medicinal ingredient called "GK2" also helps prevent gum diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis) and maintain a healthy gum.


Butler F Paste α (90 g) ¥900 + tax
Product Name: Butler F Paste A (quasi-drugs)
* Do not use in children under 6.

The Power of Japanese Umbrella-Pine Extract!

This gel toothpaste was created by a developer who had oral issues and focused on the elements of "Japanese umbrella-pine". Japanese umbrella-pine essence that takes as long as three months to extract helps improve your oral environment. Once you apply the right amount of gel, brush your teeth for as long as you can to spread the ingredients throughout your mouth. It's one of the popular products at Tokyu Hands!


Denta Approach Gel Toothpaste (90 g) ¥2,100 + tax

Closing Remarks

It's not easy to keep your teeth always clean. That is why daily care is essential.
Use the items we introduced to have a thorough oral care routine.

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