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Presenting Brilliant Ear Cleaner Recommendations in the Spirit of the Japanese Cleaning Season!

Presenting Brilliant Ear Cleaner Recommendations in the Spirit of the Japanese Cleaning Season!

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This year is drawing to an end. In Japan, the year-end is the season for cleaning. Once you have cleaned your home and surroundings, you"ll want to get yourself cleaned up too. That's why, in the spirit of the Japanese cleaning season, we present our selection of recommended ear cleaners. These functional items will have you hooked after one use. They are a must!

An Ear Pick Brush that scratches your ears just right, removing both dirt and fatigue.

Amaze Plus, Amaze Plus, the company that runs the sleep specializing website called Nelture with a million annual users, asked a scrubbing brush store in business for 70 years to supervise the design. Following the hit Sleeping Brush pillow, this Ear Pick Brush took about a year to design. With bristles radiating out 360 degrees, this brush gently stimulates the inside of the ear to remove grime as well as mitigate modern "ear fatigue" caused by long-term earphone use.


Amaze Plus Ear Pick Brush ¥1,850 + tax

A new form of ear cleaning designed by a professional barber, Mimi Sen-Ketsu (Ear Wash).

Ear cleaning used to be a traditional technique that belong to the barbers. Mimi Sen-Ketsu was developed through repeated trial and error to help keep the dwindling tradition of the barbershop ear-cleaning alive. The directions are simple. Dab the right amount of liquid onto a cotton pad, cotton swab, or tissue paper and wipe the inside of your ears. This helps get rid of oil and dirt that cannot be removed with ear picks alone, and the perfect balance of chili and mint extract in the liquid provides a refreshing sensation at the beginning and an exhilarating sensation afterward.


Mimi Sen-Ketsu ¥1,500 + tax

Even cotton swabs are evolving. A pleasant ear cleaning experience with luxury cotton swabs.

Shaped like an ordinary cotton swab on one side and an ear pick on the other, Adult Ear Pick Cotton is a new ear pick and cotton swab that uses the ear pick side to catch larger chunks of earwax, then uses the fibers of the cotton swab side to catch smaller bits, with real cotton that is gentle on the ears. The Even More Luxurious Cotton Swab Gentle + Plus is, just as its name suggests, a slightly more luxurious cotton swab infused with hydrating ingredients. It hydrates the inside of your ears while providing gentle relaxation.


Adult's Ear Pick Cotton ¥212 + tax
Even More Luxurious Cotton Swab Gentle + Plus ¥249 + tax

Closing Remarks

Why cleaning your ears always feels so good? Ear cleaning is a time for yourself, so find the ideal ear cleaning tools for you!

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