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A must-read for women! Few steps to fight against cold intolerance & goodies to tone your legs.

A must-read for women! Few steps to fight against cold intolerance & goodies to tone your legs.

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It is an exceptionally sunny, midsummer day. But whenever you are working indoors, especially in an office all day long, the heat would not even be an issue. Aren't you bearing the cold temperature in a daily basis, because of the air conditioning in the office? Here, we would like to present to you goodies to fight against cold intolerance, especially for you, women, who tend to get chilled easily.

Abdominal chills will be resolved with a "Haramaki"(belly warmer)
We rehydrate even more during the summer. And in addition to the cold office temperature, abdominal chills could happen often. For those who spend most of your time in a cold workplace, we recommend you to use a stomach band! We tend to believe that our abdominals would get musty whenever we put a belly band on our abs during summer, but TOKYU HANDS' exclusive Sweat Escape Belly Band uses humidity and temperature controlling fibers. And that is why, the perspiration absorbed into the fibers would continually evaporates and keeps the band dry, and it also maintains humidity in a constant way, so you can have a comfortable wear and warm your abdominals at the same time.


TOKYU HANDS' exclusive Sweat Escape Belly Band (Waist: 58cm - Length: 29cm) 1980 yen + tax

Chilly arms that we tend to forget about, would be solved with the "Elbow Warmer"!
When you are in the office with strong air conditioning during summer, especially when you're in short or sleeveless shirt, you simply realize that your elbows are getting chilly! During summer, we recommend you to warm body parts, where thick blood vessels go through, like your wrists and ankles. The Elbow Warmer has a simple design, and you can wear it by layering other clothes on it, so it wouldn't even be embarrassing when you wear it at the office.

KINUYA x TOKYU HANDS' exclusive Elbow Silk Warmer (Free size) 1500 yen + tax

Do not fail to notice during work! Compression sleeves for the leg care.
Because you're constantly in the same position during long hours of work, we recommend you the thin and discreet supporter, wearable under your pants. You can aim to have toned legs even after work.

Thin Calves Lift-up Supporter (Calf circumference: 32 to 38cm) 1600yen+ tax

And Finally...
Women often have issues at the office. If you're concerned, please bear in mind to take few steps in an early stage!

Products mentioned above may not be available in some stores. Please contact our stores directly for assistance concerning the availability.

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