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Beat the heat!  3

Beat the heat! 3 "Cool" items to make summer comfortable.

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Just to think that hot and steamy summer is coming this year again, it 's a little depressing.

The night you want to fully rest, have fun at outdoor events, or every day commute for work and school. . . you might have thought how much more comfortable it would be if it's bit cooler.

So to beat the heat, we would like to introduce our recommended items. Keep it cool and fresh this year and let's get over the screaming hot summer!

It's so hot and it's hard to sleep. . . at such times!
Because of the heat of vaporization and the effect of menthol component, Shirt Shower gives you a cool feeling. Before going to bed, Just spraying on bed sheets, beddings, or pajamas, a cool feeling lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. Also natural material is used for the deodorant ingredients such as tea extract and persimmon tannin to eliminate the odor of sweat. Using before commuting to work /school or before playing sports, it will keep you cool so you can enjoy outdoors and exercise without feeling hot.


Hinnyari Shirt Shower (500 ml) 1,200 yen + tax

You can't enjoy festivals because it's too hot ... at such times!

Music festivals are often held during summer. It is fun, but you might enjoy more if it is a bit cooler ...

You need to try Super Cooling Towel at such times. Just soak the towel, squeeze and shake, the functional cool feeling fabric generates heat vaporization then towel temperature drops. Now, you have a cold towel . When it gets warm, just shake it and it' OK. You can make the towel cold over and over when it's wet.

Furthermore, you can use any liquid to soak the towel like you can use a bottle of water that became warm under the scorching sun.


TOKYU HANDS Exclusive Super Cooling Towel Triangle (25 × 100 cm) 1,800 yen + Tax

When you commute, you're concerned about sweat stains around the chest ... at such times!

Just by attaching it to your bra, Munamoto Cover will prevent sweat stains and it'll be women's best friend in summer.

This summer, TOKYU HANDS created this cover exclusively to solve women's sweat related issues. Since it can be removed easily, you can take it off when you get to the office, so you would not feel cold by wearing it all day. To those who thought sweat stain around the chest is embarrassing, or felt uncomfortable with it... we definitely want to recommend this cover for customers who felt that way!


TOKYU HANDS Exclusive Super Cooling Towel Triangle (25 × 100 cm) 1,980 yen + Tax

On the final note,

Get some peace of mind with these useful items and let 's enjoy and live comfortably this summer.

※Some merchandise may not be available at some stores. Please contact the stores directly for availability.

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