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To the dreamed beautiful body - The Training Machines for more efficient muscle training -

To the dreamed beautiful body - The Training Machines for more efficient muscle training -

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Because it is the bridal season, during fall, we are more likely to wear party dresses. Aren't you pretending not to care about your upper arms, triceps and hips?

There are more and more "muscle training girls" aiming for a tight, healthy body. It seems that actresses and models are also going to the gym and training hard. Behind the beauty, there is constant effort, isn't it? This time, we will introduce you training machines that increases the efficiency by adding them while stretching or doing light exercises. Let's aim having a beautiful body to wear gorgeously a dress!

The way to tight and flexible, supple arms

The home EMS equipment, "ECLEAR Lean" efficiently tightens the muscle parts such as arms, waist, thighs etc. using 4 unique programs combining medium and low frequencies. Efficiency raises whenever you wear this while stretching or training.

EMS equipment is an exercise equipment to contract the muscles by electric stimulation.
ELECOM ECLEAR Lean Full Set 10.980 yen + tax

Train intensively your waist and hips

" Mote Care Waist & Hip" can realize intensive training of your waste and hipline when you care about those body parts. You can choose 15 step training patterns and 15 levels of intensity. Please add it in your regular training. You'll get the ideal waist and hips!

Maxell Mote Care Waist & Hips MXES-H600YG 16.800 yen + tax

Raise your hips and aim for the ideal beautiful hips!

Why not try the "Kyutto Upper" if you're aiming for nice hips? Step on a 3D structured stepper, and train the hip muscles while loosening the hip joints. Get beautiful hips and enjoy wearing tight dresses and pants!


Dream Kyutto Upper (Width 31.7 × Depth 22 × Height 10.1 cm) 7.389 yen + tax

And finally...

The road to a beautiful body is not an easy way. It is important to continue training every day. Why not train efficiently by adding training machines?

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