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Easily remove stains at home! Introduction of recommended items and how to use them.

Easily remove stains at home! Introduction of recommended items and how to use them.

Cleaning and Laundry

Have you looked down on your clothes after a nice meal to find that you have stained them? Children, especially, are likely to spill their food and stain their clothes. If that happens, we believe you want to be able to remove those stains at home quickly. This article is an introduction of recommended items and how to use them, for those who have problems removing stains.

Pinpointing the stain! Removing stains using a "correction pen"

"Dr. Beckmann Stain Pen" is extremely popular in its originating country, Germany. Because it is a pen and is easy to carry, you can use it to remove stains on the spot. To use, first wipe the stained spot and rub the stained spot with the cleaning tip of the pen. Wipe with a wet cloth at the end, and that is it. It can remove various types of fresh stains from coffee, soy sauce, and lipstick!


Dr. Beckmann Stain Pen (9 ml) ¥551 + tax

Supervised by Yasuyuki Yokokura, known for the "magic water"! An electric stain remover "Easy Pro"

"Easy Pro" is an electronic stain remover, developed under the supervision of Yasuyuki Yokokura who has been popular in the media as a highly qualified stain remover! It is easier than removing the stains by hand. It maintains the same pressure and can be used on delicate fabric, which makes it an extraordinary product. To use, place a towel under the fabric, put some detergent on the stained spot, and tap using Easy Pro. After that, wash in the washing machine. The key is to do this a couple of times for heavy stains that are difficult to remove.


Easy Pro ¥4,980 + tax

[Extra Edition] Combine the secretly popular washboard with stain removers!

"Lotta Home Mini Washboard" has recently become a popular item at Tokyu Hands. It is useful for hand washing clothes, and if you use it to prewash clothes with heavy stains before washing in the washing machine, you can clean it better. Food stains on your children's clothes and dirt stains on the socks are especially hard to clean just by washing in the washing machine. That is when this washboard comes in handy! We recommend you to use it together with stain removers to keep your clothes stain-free!


"Lotta Home Mini Washboard ¥1,700 + tax


How was it? Quick intervention is important in removing stains off your clothes.
For that reason, it is necessary to have stain removing items at home. You can never be too prepared. Make sure to check them out for yourself.

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