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You won't be disappointed with yellowed clothing again! A simple method you can use at laundry time

You won't be disappointed with yellowed clothing again! A simple method you can use at laundry time "before you swap out your seasonal clothes"

Cleaning and Laundry

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Today, with the concept of "Let's create life that works", together with our staff on the e-commerce site, "Hokuoh Kurashino Doguten", who provide products and ideas that make comfortable living a reality, we will show you tips on clothing care that you will want to know about before swapping out your clothes for the next season.

How to care for our clothes every year.......

"Hokuoh Kurashino Doguten" staff,

Ms. Tsutsui's concern


(Left) Ms. Tsutsui, Hokuoh Kurashino Doguten staff, (Right) Ms.Takeuchi, Tokyu Hands Sales Promotion Group

Here, we have Ms. Tsutsui, who is a corporate staff member at "Hokuoh Kurashino Doguten". Ms. Takeuchi from the Tokyu Hands Promotion Group talks about the problem that has been nagging her for a long time. That is caring for her summer clothes at a time like this when you're ready to swap out seasonal clothes.

Tsutsui: "I want my favorite clothes to last for a long time, so I really want to care for my clothes correctly when it's time to swap clothes for the next season. However, this problem doesn't get a very high priority in my busy life, and I never seem to get around to it, so today, can you show me different ways to easily care for my clothes?"

A sign of yellowing before you know it... We want to avoid stains on white shirts


Tsutsui: "Actually, when I was about to wear a white shirt I had stored during autumn and winter, I found that its collar had turned yellow. I was bothered by this, and have rarely worn the shirt since. I don't want to repeat the same mistake again this year."

Staff, Takeuchi: "I have a similar experience. To begin with, yellowing is caused by oxidation that occurred over time on sebum stains that weren't completely eliminated by washing. In addition, if you dry your clothing in the sun, the yellow tint will become even more noticeable with the effect of ultraviolet rays. For this, we would like to recommend our multi-purpose cleaner, the 'Kirei-kko'. In addition to oxygen-based bleaching ingredients, it contains enzymes resistant to protein contamination such as sebum and sweat, so you can prevent yellowing just by adding it to your regular detergent."


▲Kirei-kko (1kg) ¥2,000 + tax

Tsutsui: "Can you use it for shirts that have already yellowed?"

Staff, Takeuchi: "Of course, you can. In that case, we recommend soaking for 30 minutes before putting it in the washer."


Staff, Takeuchi: "When you fill with hot water at 40-50 degrees, sodium percarbonate will react and oxygen bubbles will appear. These bubbles are what will break down the stains"


▲Please wear gloves if you are concerned about dry hands.

Staff, Takeuchi: "Gently brush the yellowing parts that you're especially concerned about. Since yellowing in clothing becomes harder to remove as time passes, we recommend soaking them in 'Kirei-kko' before you put them away for next year. You can use it for color fabrics well, so it's convenient. Just when you are thinking this may be the last season you can wear that shirt, if you use this along with your regular detergent, it will prevent yellowing and also save time with the chore of rewashing."

Worried about fading colors... Want to preserve the colors in linen and cotton fabrics


Ms. Tsutsui: "I like natural fabrics such as linen and cotton for clothes. Thinking that it may be better to focus on preserving the colors, I put the clothes in a mesh bag and use stylish clothes setting with a neutral detergent."

Staff, Takeuchi: "The texture and the colors unique to natural fabrics are wonderful, aren't they? Fading is likely caused by factors such as the use of strongly alkaline substances containing surfactants and fluorescent whitening agents as well as the overloading of laundry and the friction between clothing."

Tsutsui: "So, choosing the correct detergent is important then. But buying several detergents would be too much."


▲Sentaku Magchan ¥1,800 + tax
* Popular items may take longer to arrive. Contact the store for details if you would like to make a reservation.

Staff, Takeuchi: "What do you think about using the 'Sentaku Mag-chan' in place of a detergent? The magnesium contained in the product reacts to the water, produces alkaline ionic water, and breaks down sebum and oils attached to the clothes. It removes stains by becoming the same substance as soap. All you have to do is to directly add it in the washer, so it's very simple. You can reuse it approximately 300 times."

Tsutsui: "It's amazing that this is not a detergent, but it removes stains! This will be so simple and easy. But will the stains come out well?"


▲ (Left) Color and Dirt Collector (30 sheets / Before Use on Left, After Used on Right) ¥1,050 + tax / (Right) Umie... (500 ml) ¥2,450 + tax.

Staff, Takeuchi: "Yes, it has the same power to break down sebum stains as a commercial laundry detergent, but a small amount of laundry detergent will further increase the cleansing power, so we recommend it. If you use two Mag-chan, you probably won't need to use any detergent.
To accompany this, we recommend the use of the 'Umie... ' detergent which contains natural ingredients and is suitable for delicate clothing and is eco-friendly as well.
Furthermore, if you put one sheet of 'Color & Dirt Collector', it will absorb the dye released in the wash basin, so even if colors are released, it will prevent discoloration of the other clothes."


Staff, Takeuchi: "If you fold and put your clothing one by one in a finely meshed net, they won't rub against one another, so please do try that."

Might be soaked in sweat..... Want to remove all the impurities from straw hats to freshen up


▲Nuigurumi no Cleaning-ya san (150 ml) ¥980 + tax

Tsutsui: "I wear a hat during my commute, but I actually haven't done anything to clean it. All I do is to spray it with a deodorant spray when I notice that it smells. What would be a good way to care for it?"

Staff, Takeuchi: "Hats tend to propagate germs due to the adhesion of sweat, sebum and facial foundations. However, we do not recommend that you directly wash them or wet them, as hats made of natural materials lose their shape easily.
In a case like this, it will be refreshing just to clean the sweat guard on the hat. To clean your hat, we recommend the 'Nuigurumi no Cleaning-ya san'. This is a spray that removes impurities by the power of ions using specially treated water."

Tsutsui: "Is it OK to directly spray this product on the hat?"


Staff, Takeuchi: "It would be good to spray it on a white, soft cloth, and gently wipe the sweat guard area with it to prevent discoloration."


Staff, Takeuchi: "Since the specially treated water is the main ingredient, it is gentle on both fabrics and humans. And there's no need for a second wipe-down."


▲ (Left) Takemushu, a hanger-type so you can use it anywhere ¥665 + tax / (Right) Takemushu for refrigerators and freezers ¥380 + tax

Staff, Takeuchi: "When storing items, we recommend that you place the 'Takemushu' with them. The tiny holes in the natural bamboo absorb the source of the smell. The type sold for the use in a refrigerator is compact, so it's just the right size to use together with a hat. Furthermore, if you put a breathable nonwoven fabric in the hat and store it in a box, it will prevent the hat from losing its shape."

Here are tips to make your life comfortable


How does Ms. Tsutsui feel about her concerns after finding out about specific products and listening to the methods of care?

Tsutsui: "Now that I'm clear on what I need to do, I feel a bit more at ease."
Having so many choices, it is surprisingly difficult to find products that can solve my particular problems. But all I had to do was to consult with you."


Staff, Takeuchi: "I'm glad to hear that. There are even more products that I didn't introduce today that will make you think, 'Wow, there are products for things that I didn't even think about!' Please come to our store for consultation on any concerns you may have for better living."

Tsutsui: "I didn't know about any of the products you presented today. It's nice that I can get everything just by going to Tokyu Hands."

That feeling of "wishing that you had this thing so that it would be more convenient". Tokyu Hands is where you can get tips to come to a resolution. Please do not hesitate to visit our store.

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