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【Disinfectants / Anti-bacterial Products】From stand-alone to spray-on types, the 5 leading companies in the industry have gathered here today to show us all of the newest items in the market!

【Disinfectants / Anti-bacterial Products】From stand-alone to spray-on types, the 5 leading companies in the industry have gathered here today to show us all of the newest items in the market!

Cleaning and Laundry

In this time of year, when winter hits its stride and we're tackling the viruses. That's why the experts from 5 leading companies gathered here today, each bringing the products to recommend for sterilization and to teach us the features and know-how. Take this opportunity to learn more about how you can fight away germs and viruses this winter!

First, Highlighting the Features of Disinfectant and Anti-bacteria Products from All 5 Companies!


The <Pasteuriser>, with the bottle designed in style. You might have seen it on social media?

― Today, we were hoping that we could learn a thing or two about all of your anti-bacterial products and how to use them. Alright, then let's begin!

Uetani: Hello, thank you for your time. My name is Uetani from Dover Distilleries Co., Ltd. Our company began as a manufacturer of liquors for confectionaries. And we have developed this <Pasteuriser> as we hoped our clients, like pastries shops, could use some anti-bacterial products.

― So liquor-making lead to the development of a sterilization product, that's quite interesting to a lot of us.

Uetani: Since we developed this for use at a retail store, its biggest advantage is that it is food safe. The PH is neutral and has no effect on taste and aroma. Furthermore, we used catechin found in teas, as a component to prolong the sterilization effects.

― That's amazing that it's safe to spray on food! Next up, we have the company with the famous trumpet logo...


Negishi-san from Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Since he has devoted himself on the renewal of the product from scratch, he has so much love for this <Cleverin> product!

Negishi: Thank you, and yes, I'm from Taiko Pharmaceutical (laughs). This is the 10th year since <Cleverin> became available to the general public. And to commemorate such an occasion, we've re-designed the packaging and...not that I'm tooting my own horn.. but I think it looks great (laughs).


We have the usual stand-alone types as well as the spray-on types, but we also have a stick-type you can hang on your neck.

― I see. Simple, but looks good!

Negishi: The most popular is this stand-alone type. The ingredient called chlorine dioxide, it is able to remove 99% or more of all the germs and viruses in the air and on clothing. (*) Through our proprietary and patented-technology, we have been successful in securely maintaining the concentration of the chlorine dioxide.

(*) according to Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
After setting up the stand-alone Cleverin product inside an enclosed space (25㎥) for 180 minutes, we have verified the sterilization of 99.9% of viruses and germs that were floating or attached to something.
This product does not remove all viruses and germs. Depending on the environment used, effects may vary.

― Safety-wise, this is especially a relief for families with children. Continuing on, we want to know more!

Morizono: Hello, I'm Morizono from Eisai Co., Ltd. As the name presents itself, our <Etak® Anti-Bacterial Spray Alpha> is a product with an additional "anti-bacteria" factor.

Even after the spray has dried off, Etak has a prolonged anti-bacterial effect for up to a week.

*Depending on its use, effects may vary.

― Anti-bacterial?

Morizono: Yes. The ingredient Etak® will attach itself to any area sprayed, and remove germs while protecting against the growth of any bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, its biggest features is that there is no alcohol content in the product. The product was developed based on feedback from mothers with children. So it can be used anywhere in the room including floors, kitchens, door knobs, children's toys, etc.

― That's wonderful! Children are susceptible towards touching everything. Continuing on, who's next?!

Takagi: My name is Takagi, from All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd. Our <A2Care> is a liquid-based anti-germ and deodorant product, originally made for industrial use inside ANA aircrafts. The product is consisted of 99.99% purified water and 0.01% chlorine dioxide, making its safety-levels on par with regular water. So its perfectly safe for use in families with small children and pets.


The <A2Care> has a stylish packaging too. Available in both stand-alone and spray-on types.

― So its almost like water, but with anti-germ effects!

Takagi: Yes. In addition, it has no corrosive effects on metals and plant-based resin. Its safety standards was the reason it has been adopted for use on planes. Also, since it's mostly water, it has no colors and odors, not to mention any stickiness. We highly recommend it for use not only for valuable clothes, but for items hard to clean, like sofas, curtains, etc.!

― I see. It makes sense, if a plane starts rusting, then it won't be flying. Last but not least, the floor is all yours, Kewpie-san!

Matono: Hello, everyone. Everybody knows us mostly for our mayonnaise, and this <K Blanche> product origin is no exception. It was developed based on an ingredient to make mayonnaise, an "egg".


Celebrating their 100th year of history, this anti-bacterial spray shall be a memorable one of many great products of Kewpie!

― Eggs and anti-bacterial items... - I don't quite see the connection just yet...

Shibayama: We have been doing research of potential effects of eggs for over 30 years. In the course of the study, we have successfully identified an ingredient called "Noroclear Protein" from the enzyme in the egg-white, lysozyme that protects the egg yolk from bacteria.

― Wow THAT sounds quite deadly to bacteria (laughs).

Shibayama: We use this in our <K Blanche> product, and we have data showing there is a 99.9%* removal rate of viruses and bacteria within 5 seconds after application.
*according to Kewpie's in-house test data. This product is not effective against all viruses and bacteria.

― Almost 100%, that is incredible! Thank you all for sharing all your recommended products. Now, on to the questions!

Even the pros were surprised! Unexpected ways to use anti-bacteria products?


Uetani-san from Dover Distilleries Co., Ltd. His hobby is outdoor excursions.

― Especially in recent years, people seem to care much more for sterilization products, do you all agree?

Uetani: Yes I do. We feel the needs too, especially through the power of social media. Up until 2 years ago, Instagram posts about our <Pasteuriser> product had less than 3,000. Now there're more than 15,000 posts.

― Whooping 5 times! That's remarkable.

Uetani: We designed the packaging so that the <Pasteuriser> product can accommodate the stylish confectionary stores where it would be used, but because of the design, we started seeing the actual users giving positive feedback through social media.

― Word-of-mouth spreads differently, the way we couldn't have expected.

Uetani: Right, and we've had uploads featuring various ways to use the product that even we never thought of. It truly is surprising.

― For example, what kind of ways?

Uetani: For example, there was a post of someone directly spraying the <Pasteuriser> on mandarin oranges that are susceptible to mold during this season. So once you receive care packages or gifts in boxes, just quickly spray on to keep them from molding.

― I see. Only possible because the product itself is safe to use on foods.


Representatives from Kewpie, Shibayama-san to the right, and Matono-san to the left.

Shibayama: We've had opportunities to get feedback from our customers too, and the most unexpected was how they used the product on nail-clippers, ear-cleaning tools and toothbrushes. We definitely did not expect the product to be used for things used in oral and skin care. It is after all, made and promoted as an alcohol-based anti-bacterial spray for use in the kitchen.


Morizono-san from Eisai Co., Ltd. We hear that at Eisai, you have a routine every Friday called the "Etak Day" to do an anti-bacterial cleaning.

Morizono: In our case, the most unexpected feedback was when we heard that our product was used on futons. We especially received positive feedback from households who have small children and they spray the product on futons when their children wet their bed.

― Every household seems to have their own method it seems.


Takagi-san from All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd. Passionate and knowledgeable, showed us many other ways to combat germs that we can't cover all in this interview.

Takagi: We had a customer that had <A2Care> in the flower vase water, and the plants actually did last longer. Since water itself gets dirtier with time, they used the <A2Care> product to combat the spread of bacteria. That is pretty ingenious.

― Wow! Prolonging plant life...now that's more than just anti-bacteria territory.

Recommendations and Know-how from the Experts!


― We understand that the customers are using these products in various ways. So the next question is, do all of you have your own way and preferences on combating bacteria?

Uetani: My hobby is to go on outdoor excursions, so I definitely need this product whenever I cook on camping. Of course, not only for me, but for others too (laughs).


Funaki-san from Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Pointed out of the mold-preventive qualities of anti-bacterial products.

Funaki: I personally have the <Cleverin, stand-alone type> near my bath tub. Not only does it remove bacteria, but it prevents molding too. It makes cleaning less of a hassle. Killing two birds with one stone I suppose (laughs). When trying it out for yourself, just be careful not to add water into the bottle. And if you're taking a bath, we recommend that you keep it out of the bathroom.


Nakajima-san from Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. More than 90% of doctors recommend (*) Cleverin!

Nakajima: It's not much of a way of use, we just have <Cleverin> all over our office. I mean, we would be laughed right out of town if we got sick in winter (laughs). So it's absolutely imperative that we take extreme care in proper hygiene.

― That's a lot of dedication and pressure you are on... Especially since viruses and germs are not visible to the human eye.

Negishi: Honestly, trying to visualize it would be near impossible. But, as a rule of thumb, begin by adjusting towards an idea that "no smell = germs gone" when you are using these products.

(*) From a survey result of 103 doctors and parents (fathers, mothers) after samples and explanation of product details, 91.3% of doctors have replied that they either "Recommend" or "Moderately Recommend". (according to Richmedia survey: circa January - March 2018)

― Without bacteria, odors will be gone too. That makes sense.

Takagi: I personally use the product to combat pollen allergies during spring. The <A2Care> has a feature that modifies the composition of cedar pollens, and by spraying onto clothes before going out and on futons before airing them out, it prevents pollens from attaching and entering inside the house. Not only does it remove cedar pollens, but also clears odors, so again, kills two birds with one stone.

― That's great news for anyone worried about allergies! Are there other places and things that we should be on the look out to sterilize?

Shibayama: The rubber door handle of refrigerators I hear is prone to bacteria growth, so I advise disinfecting the entirety of that part.


Takagi: Oh, and humidifiers too. If you don't properly disinfect the water tank, you will be essentially flowing out air that is contaminated with bacteria.

Morizono: I heard that the IC card holders used in offices are also prone to bacteria. I myself personally began disinfecting my card holders after I heard that (laughs).

― Now that you mentioned it, seems like everything is possibly infected...it's terrifying... It has been very informative and helpful listening to all of your advice. Thank you all for your valuable time today!

Closing Remarks

Not only was today's interview helpful in day-to-day cleaning activities, but we learned so many simple and easy ways to incorporate them into our own lives! Bring these ideas into your own daily routines!

*Please note that some featured products here may not be available at certain stores. Contact the stores for information regarding availability.
*Certain stores may offer the featured items only through a back order.
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*Information such as product pricing are based at the time of this article.

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