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We tried the "SNEAKY" to clean a sneaker!

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Tokyu Hands starts its presale of SNEAKY, the shoe care brand from the UK! Although SNEAKY is a relatively new brand established in 2013, its quality has already been acknowledged and it is attracting sneaker enthusiasts. We tried this brand ourselves to check out its capabilities!

No need to use water as it produces foam on its own!


Here is what we did. After lightly brushing off the dirt, we used the cleaner to remove the remaining dirt. The unique feature of Sneaky Cleaner is the cleaning foam it produces. No need to lather to create foam, and no water needed too! It's so easy, all you need to do is to brush after spraying a dirty spot!


Brush the dirty spot with a Sneaky Brush. Repeatedly brush stubborn stains.


When you are finished brushing, wipe the area using the microfiber cloth in the kit. Another great feature is that you can use the product not only for canvas type shoes, but also for leather shoes! All you have to do is to dry the shoes after wiping off the cleanser.

The ultimate sneaker polish! Our Sneaky Eraser to whiten the sole of your shoes


Use our specialty eraser to erase rubber sole stains! The more you brush, the more dirt will be erased as you scrub the spot with this eraser! You can use it not only for the sole, but also for cleaning suede and nubuck.


Brush to remove any remaining eraser materials and your cleaning is complete.

Take care of the inside of sneakers as well as the outside!


After the surface stains are removed, freshen up the inside of your sneakers! The fresh deodorizer is a freshener spray which gets rid of the smell and bacteria inside your shoes. Just one spray, and your feet will stay nice and clean.


After both the outside and inside of the shoes have dried thoroughly, finish off with our proof protector (a waterproof spray). This sustainable and breathable spray helps protect your precious sneakers from rain and dirt.


Photo of a cleaned shoe here (The shoe on the right). What do you think of the cleaned shoe? The whiteness of the sole really stands out. The shoe became this clean with just the cleaner, the brush and the eraser, without using water!

We also recommend our Sneaky Wipes for quick cleanups, as well as our shoe trees.


If you are fond of your sneakers, we are sure you would want to remove dirt from them right on the spot! For that, Sneaky's pocket-sized wipes are convenient to carry around. Moreover, the wipes have rubbery beads on one side to brush off dirt, and a smooth side on the other. You can use either side according to your needs.


Also, check out our shoe trees. Sneakers can easily lose their original shape, to maintain the shape of your sneakers, our shoe trees will help in making your favorite shoes last longer.


Sneaky Cleaning Kit (A cleaner, brush, cloth) ¥2,200 + tax
Sneaky Wipes (12 sheets) ¥750 + tax
Sneaky Proof Protector (275 ml) ¥1,800 + tax
Sneaky Freshener (150 ml) ¥1,200 + tax
Sneaky Eraser ¥1,200 + tax
Sneaky Shoe Trees ¥750 + tax

Closing Remarks

So what do you think of our newly featured brand, Sneaky? We believe this brand will comfortably support your sneaker lifestyle!

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