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Shoe Care: How to Care for Running Shoes

Shoe Care: How to Care for Running Shoes

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Running enthusiasts, have you gone for a run today? Here, we'll show you how to care for your primary running partner, your shoes. Dirty or stinky shoes are something to be concerned about, even while you're running...Caring for your running shoes is essential for you to focus on your running!

Why is caring for running shoes important?


Even if your shoes are relatively new or don't look that dirty, don't let your guard down! Even if the surface is relatively clean, running shoes will obviously soak up more sweat than ordinary shoes. Removing your sweat prevents the growth of mold and bacteria, helping to extend the life of your shoes.

That said, washing them every time you go for a run is a pain. It would be a better idea to decide how often you clean your shoes, for example once a week. After running, make a habit of putting in a little extra effort. Little things like a light brush or storing your shoes in a well-ventilated area are bound to affect how long your shoes last.

Put Into Practice! Running Shoe Care Using Special Items

Prep for Cleaning with Brushing
Let's clean the shoes! First, scrape the grime off the surface using a brush. If there is mud on your shoes, it is better to wait for the mud to dry first. Grime comes off more easily once it is dry. When brushing, do not scrub any more than is necessary. Do not apply too much force that you damage the fabric when brushing.


Cleaning the Entire Shoe
After brushing the entire shoe, scrub with a cleaner. Clean Up, an all-purpose cleaner specifically made for Adidas sneakers, is an amazing product that can be used on a wide variety of materials including real leather, synthetic leather, and canvas, as well as all parts of the shoe, from the insole to the laces! Scrub not just the surface but the inside as well, then rinse with water to finish. This restores the original color and fiber elasticity, maintaining the shoe performance.


Adidas All Purpose Sneaker Cleaner Clean Up ¥1,200 + tax

Anti-Grime and Waterproofing After Cleaning
After cleaning and drying thoroughly, apply lotion to better prevent stains and to waterproof the shoes. Adidas's Stop H2O waterproofing lotion for shoes and bags is distinct in that it not only provides care for the upper portion of the shoe, but for the sole as well. It also prevents adhesives from peeling off and the materials of the sole from deteriorating when getting wet.


Adidas Shoe & Bag Waterproofing Lotion Stop H20 ¥1,400 + tax

Cleaning Before & After
The shoe on the left has been cleaned. The sole has been restored to its original white, and the sweat and bacteria have been removed all the way from the inside of the shoe. When your shoes are this clean, you can't wait to go on your next run!


Get Rid of Smells with Spray and Stick Deodorants

Smells are a problem for shoes that have been worn for some time. Use deodorant spray for those kinds of issues. Just put Re Fresh, a shoe deodorant spray from Adidas, into your shoe and press! This neutralizes odors inside the shoe and helps keep it smelling fresh.


Adidas Re Fresh Deodorant Spray ¥1,200 + tax

Here is one more item to help against odors. Here is a stick deodorant called Re Fresh Deo Stick. Put directly inside the shoes or inside your bag, shoe box, or locker as a deodorant. You can adjust the strength of the scent by turning the stick.


Adidas Re Fresh Deo Stick ¥1,200 + tax

Closing Remarks

Cleaning your shoes will naturally put you in the mood for running! Shoe care boosts your running life. You'll definitely want to try putting these ideas into practice!

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