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[Taking Care of Your Suit] Recommended Brushes & Hangers for the businessman

[Taking Care of Your Suit] Recommended Brushes & Hangers for the businessman

Shoe Care / Clothing Care

We all want the suits we wear everyday to last as long as possible, especially when it's a favorite. So, starting with the basics, we have Tokyu Hands recommended hangers and brushes for maintaining your suit. Just keeping the shape and dusting the suit will make your suit long lasting. Make sure to include them in your daily routine this year.

If you own a suit, professionally-approved hangers are a must.

Hangers keeps the shape of your clothes. That may seem simple, but it's more than that. It's a must-needed item and you would want a high-quality one too. That's where the Nakata Hanger come in. They are used by domestic and overseas fashion brands, as well as at luxury hotels. We also recommend that you choose hangers according to the clothing type: with jackets you want to keep just the right amount of curve on the shoulders, and with shirts you want to focus on its feel and lightness. This new series of hanger series are all made with the skills and experience from over 70 years of the manufacturer's history.


Nakata Hanger Wardrobe Series (Available beginning Jan 12)
Men's Shirt Hangers (2 pcs set) ¥3,000 + tax
Unisex Bottom Hangers (2 pcs set) ¥3,200 + tax
Men's Jacket Hangers (2 pcs set) ¥3,000 + tax

For daily care, use soft and elastic white brushes made from horse hair.

The brushes from Shoji Works can be used to treat suits, sweaters, coats, and outfits made of delicate materials such as cashmere. Made by a prestigious and long-established brand (since 1925), this brush not only removes the dust embedded deep in the fabric, but also loosens any tangled textile fibers to prevent it from accumulating any furballs. Always remember to give your suit an overall quick brush at the end of your day.


Shoji Works Rectangular Horse Hair Clothing Brush ¥5,500 + tax

Closing Remarks

Having a hanger for rest and a brush for dusting are the basic necessities in taking care of your suit everyday. Adding quality to your daily maintenance will add that much longevity to your clothes. Please try these easy maintenance ideas for clothes into practice!

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