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Spring UV protection! Sunscreens recommended to use for work or during holidays

Spring UV protection! Sunscreens recommended to use for work or during holidays


When it comes to UV protection, summer is the first season that comes to our minds, but it's prudent to take care of our skin regardless of the season. Protection is especially important and necessary from spring to summer when the UV rays are particularly strong. Allow us to introduce special Hands-recommended sunscreens to use for on and off days.

We recommend this for those who want to protect their body from UV rays "on working days"!

ETVOS UV Item with Minerals for the Body. Properly protects your parts of concern, such as the sensitive lower neck and hands. The milk-type will spread smoothly and will not leave any white spots after wiping. This sunscreen is very sweat-resistant, so it's perfect for those who spend a lot of time outside. The powder type (for body) is comfortable on the skin and easy-to-use. We also recommend this to those who do not like the greasy feeling of sunscreen. The powder is convenient for quick application on a busy morning.


Left: ETVOS Mineral UV Body Powder (special puff included, 8g, SPF 40・PA+++) ¥3,000 + tax
Right: ETVOS Mineral Body Milk (50 ml, SPF 50・PA+++) ¥3,000 + tax

Block deep UV rays "on vacation days"! Expect an improvement in sensation of skin transparency

Parasola improves the sensation of skin transparency and uses lavender color to cover the dull complexion. The essence-type can also be used as color control before make-up. This sunscreen spreads well and gives a smooth feel. You can also expect an improvement in the sensation of skin transparency with the spray-type. This spray-type is recommended for simple UV protection for your whole body.


Left: Naris UP Cosmetics Parasola UV Spray (80g, SPF 50・PA++++) ¥1,000 + tax
Right: Naris UP Cosmetics Parasola UV Essence (80g, SPF 50・PA++++) ¥970 + tax

UV protection for sweaty "on vacation days"!

A smooth feel is a feature of the "UV Precaution" series. Silky UV gel applies on your skin lightly and smoothly, so you can wear clothes immediately. We also recommend this for children, who do not like the greasy feel of sunscreens.
And for going to the park on a day off with your children. On such a day, there is nothing more perfect than a refreshing UV sheet. The gentle touch of the sheet on your skin has a double effect; it removes all the damp sweat while also providing your skin with UV care! The sheet's gentle touch is also great for the delicate child skin.


UV Precaution UV Silky Gel MINI Size (50g, SPF 30・PA+++) ¥950 + tax
UV Precaution Refreshing UV Sheets (30 pieces, SPF 30・PA++) ¥1,200 + tax

"On vacation days" organic-type that can be used on infants older than one month

Weleda Edelweiss Swiss UV Protect is made with 100% natural ingredients, and this item can used on infants. This sunscreen is not greasy and due to its smooth texture, you can use it on children without any problems. In comparison to past products, this one retains moisture better, making it indispensable for caring your skin against UV rays during an off day.
* Have been tested. Not guaranteed to have no allergies occur to every person.


Weleda Edelweiss Swiss UV Protect (90 ml, SPF 38PA++) ¥3,800 + tax


Let's take care of our skin during the upcoming season with strong UV rays with sunscreens for both on and off days. Tokyu Hands offers many varieties of sunscreen! Please be sure to find a suitable sunscreen for yourself.

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