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Incorporate Glitter Into Your Makeup Routine! Model Ai Clayton Reveals Her Makeup Techniques!

Incorporate Glitter Into Your Makeup Routine! Model Ai Clayton Reveals Her Makeup Techniques!


Model Ai Clayton (Instagram: @clayton_ai) teaches us a technique for using glitter cosmetics that you'll want to incorporate into your makeup routine right now! Ai Clayton's commitment to makeup is unparalleled, with her undergoing color tests and using that information in her makeup. Her makeup videos posted to her social networks have many female fans. Let's find out how she does it!

1.Increasing Translucence Around the Eye with an Eyeshadow Base


First, apply a thin eye shadow base over the entire eyelid. While this helps prevent your makeup from ruin, if you layer it on too thick it will actual ruin faster, so be careful. This time, we are going to use light blue shadow base from CANMAKE. I recommend blue colors because they mitigate dullness in the skin and give the area around your eyes a sense of translucency.

Makeup Used: CANMAKE Eyeshadow Base RB ¥500 + tax

2.Apply Trendy Glitter Eyeshadow!


First, take the glitter eyeshadow with your fingers and apply it to your eyelids. The trick is to apply it thickly to the edge of the eyelid, then use the remaining eyeshadow on your finger to apply a light layer over the entire lid.


Next, apply the same eyeshadow near the tear duct. Use the makeup tip to apply the eyeshadow from the pupil to the outer corner of the eye in a quick stroke.

I am using Revlon's Loose Pigment Eyeshadow. I recommend this one because the particles are big, creating even more sparkle.

Makeup Used: I am using Revlon's Loose Pigment Eyeshadow.102 Gold Dust ¥800 + tax

3.Use Different Eyeliners According to Location


First, fill in any gaps in the eyelashes using a pencil eyeliner. If you go past the hairline, it looks too thick, so try to keep in mind that you are just "filling in the gaps". Filling in gaps using a pencil makes your eyes pop while still looking natural.

Makeup Used: Maybelline EV Lasting Gel Liner Extra Slim ¥1,200 + tax


For the pencil liner, I use Maybelline EV Lasting Gel Liner Extra Slim, and for the liquid liner I use Love Liner Liquid Dark Brown.

Makeup Used: Love Liner Liquid Dark Brown ¥1,600 + tax

4.Mascara for a Natural Finish


Since we've been using glitter eyeshadow to create an eye that has impact, we are actually going to take it easy with the mascara. Just hold it firmly to the base then brush quickly and lightly to the tips! The same applies to the lower lashes.

We are using Kingdom Two-Step Mascara. I chose Burgundy because it goes well with the brown eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Makeup Used: Kingdom Two-Step Mascara E Burgundy ¥1,500 (limited quantities, good while supplies last)

5.Just Enough Blush for a Good Complexion


Apply blush in an oval shape around the cheekbones. Considering how it will balance with the eye makeup, apply just enough so that it looks like you have a healthy complexion. Be careful not to lay it on too thick.

6.Make Your Lipstick a Little Something Extra! Making Seasonal Lipstick


First, apply your favorite color of lipstick over your lips.

Makeup Used: Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick C RD642 ¥1,200 + tax


Next, apply gloss on the center of your lips. When doing so, choosing a glitter gloss not only makes your lips look more three-dimensional, but also makes you look trendier.

I am using Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick C. Part of its appeal is that it is relatively matte and goes on easily. For gloss, I am using Rimmel Oh My Gloss 007. I recommend it because it lets you incorporate the trendy color of orange naturally.

Makeup Used: Rimmel Oh My Gloss 007 ¥950 + tax

Glitter Makeup is Complete!


Trendy glitter makeup is something you will definitely want to have! It helps brighten up the face.


Sparkling glitter makeup is perfect for pools, festivals, or other events! Incorporated it into your makeup routine for a trendier look.

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