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  • For those with dry and unruly hair lacking in bounce, there are some nature-based shampoo and treatment recommendations for you!

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For those with dry and unruly hair lacking in bounce, there are some nature-based shampoo and treatment recommendations for you!

For those with dry and unruly hair lacking in bounce, there are some nature-based shampoo and treatment recommendations for you!


There are endless hair problems, such as being "dry," "unruly," and "lacking in bounce." We might not notice it, but everyday our hair is damaged from exposure to ultraviolet rays, perm and hair dye, lifestyle and dietary habits, etc. So today, we are highlighting nature-based shampoos that we recommend to anyone faced with these issues.

For "Dry" and "Unruly" Hair.

(1) Plant-based moisturizing agents and aroma from essential oils will even make you breathe in deeply


THE PUBLIC ORGANIC Super Positive Shampoo & Treatment (500ml): ¥1,544 each + tax

A shampoo with emphasis on organic components, with more than 95% of its contents being naturally-sourced ingredients (including water). Cleansing ingredients sourced from palm trees will gently clean your scalp while the baobab seed oils and manuka honey moisturize your hair. This will no doubt smooth out your hair unlike any other non-silicone products, and you will fall in love to its silky feel.
The fragrant aroma of essential oils, mainly consisting of frankincense, will bring you happy and relaxed feelings. We recommend you use this after a hard day working, and don't forget to breathe in the fragrance!

(2) Free from 8 additives, while being gentle to your hair and the environment


rinRen Rose and Tsubaki Remedial Shampoo & Treatment (520ml): ¥1,850 each + tax

Contains an abundant amount of domestically-sourced, plant-derived ingredients, such the roses from the Shimane prefecture and camellia from the Saga prefecture. The shampoo is gentle to your hair, scalp, and the environment, entirely free from sulfuric acid cleansing ingredients, mineral oils, silicones, parabens, petroleum-derived surfactants, synthetic perfumes, synthetic colorants, and animal-derived ingredients. Rose flower extracts and amino acids, along with pearl extracts from the Ehime prefecture will add moisture and tame your unruly hair. With a feminine and gorgeous fragrance of roses, we can expect some added relaxing effects.

For hair "Lacking Bounce."

(1) Nurtures beautiful hair through the power of superfoods


SUPERFOOD LAB BT + P-BARRIER SCALP SHAMPOO & TREATMENT Citrus & Ylang Ylang (480ml): ¥1,400 each + tax

A fusion of the beauty components of superfoods, from the sea berries of powerful plants growing in severe environments, to the moringa, known to be the "tree of miracles" due to its highly nutritious nature. Beautify your hair from the outside. Protects your scalp using moisturizing barriers, and thoroughly cleanse away the microscopic particles like pollens and PM2.5 for beautiful and natural-looking hair.
*Pre-release from Tokyu HANDS starting March 10th.

(2) Add bounce and silkiness to your hair through the power of yuzu citrus.


rinRen Yuzu and Ginger Shampoo & Treatment (520ml) ¥1,850 each + tax

One whole yuzu citrus (peel oil, fruit extract, and seed oil), sourced from the Kochi prefecture, is contained inside as an ingredient to add bounce to your hair. In addition, ginger root oils and sake lees extracts from the Shiga prefecture will adjust the skin balance to your scalp and make your hair healthier. Of course, the pearl extracts sourced from the Ehime prefecture containing similar moisturizing components of roses & camellias are included as well.
The fresh scent of a freshly-cut yuzu citrus will freshen up your mood as well.

Closing Remarks

Let's all aim towards beautiful hair that would make everyone envious, using natural hair care items containing plant-based ingredients!

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