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  • "For someone who don't want to get tan!" We asked a natural cosmetics producer, Kazuko Komatsu how to select the right foundation and how to apply the foundation correctly.

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"For someone who don't want to get tan!" We asked a natural cosmetics producer, Kazuko Komatsu how to select the right foundation and how to apply the foundation correctly.


The natural cosmetics producer, Kazuko Komatsu's "Natural Cosmetic Event" was held at our Ginza store recently. It was a very popular event held for a small number of people, learning by watching professional's skills up close.

The theme this time round is "Countermeasures against UV Rays". It's getting to the season in where the sun gets stronger, causing more damage to our skin due to ultraviolet rays. In this article, we will cover sun protection measures.


How to Choose the Right Foundation and How to Correctly Apply it

Summer foundations! The selection points:

Firstly, choose a foundation you can apply in multiple layers. Even if you apply the foundation in the morning well, the effect of sun protection decreases as time goes on. The best thing to do is to simply reapply your foundation repeatedly. However, as makeup can be ruined by sweat and an oily skin, many cosmetic products contain silicone to prevent the makeup from disintegrating. Repeated application of this type of foundation sometimes makes your makeup uneven and non-uniform. For this reason, we would like to recommend the "natural organic cosmetics" that contain no silicone components. Even with multiple applications, this foundation will not become uneven and it will adapt well to your skin, so your makeup is beautifully finished and the sunscreen power is also well sustained.


The second point is to select a product that performs well with sweat and an oily skin. When you are unsure at a store, please apply a thick layer of foundation on the back of your hand to see for yourself. Even if the SPF is high, it will be meaningless if your foundation comes off easily. Let's reduce exposure to ultraviolet rays with a natural organic foundation which stays on well, can be applied multiple times without any issues, and can be washed off by soap.

How to Correctly Apply Foundation

How long does it take to use up your foundation? It takes a lot of people three months to half a year to finish one bottle, but if that's the case, it's possible that the effect of the indicated SPF may not be fully effective. For example, the number of grams out of a 30g container of foundation for one individual makeup should be approximately 0.8g. The number of days you will use up this bottle in is 37.5 days. Let's protect our skin from UV rays by learning the correct way to apply our foundation!


(1) First, take out some foundation, about the size of a ¥500 coin, and put it in five places, the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and then apply it to the whole face. At this time, make sure and coat your face well with your fingers! If you're using a sponge, some of the foundation will be absorbed into the sponge and the amount of the foundation applied to the face will decrease, so the effect of the SPF will be reduced.


(2) After the first coat is applied, once again, selectively reapply from under the eyes to the temple where we tend to develop age spots and also from the temple to the chin.


(3) Additionally use a concealer for problem areas. When using a concealer, it will go on beautifully if you use a brush such as a lip brush.

(4) Finally, press firmly with powder containing SPF. Instead of stroking to put the powder on, put the powder on by pressing it down.

The Eye Makeup Recommended for Summer Months!


Colors such as blue and green are quite refreshing during summer months. First, apply natural colors such as beige over your entire eye lids.


Next, add blue color from the center of the top eyelid to the edge, as well as some near the center of the bottom eyelid where the pupil is, which will give a natural look as well as a refreshing finish. Note that it won't be as stylish if you put the color blue all around your entire eyelids.

Products Recommended by Ms. Komatsu


Here are the cosmetics used at the seminar and the items recommended for summer.

[Skin Care Products]
(1) Neo Natural Healing Lotion ¥2,950 + tax
(2) Crecos Cleansing & Massage ¥5,400 + tax
(3) Quon Beauty Actualizer ¥3,800 + tax

[Base Makeup]
(4) babu- Smooth Natural Foundation ¥4,600 + tax
(5) babu-finishing clear powder ¥4,300 + tax
(6) AQUA AQUA Organic Stick Concealer ¥2,300 + tax

[Eye Makeup]
(7) Naturaglacé Eyebrow Powder 02 ¥3,200 + tax
(8) AQUA AQUA Organic Eyebrow Dark Beige ¥1,200 + tax
(9) babu- Luster Eye Silver & Lavender ¥3,200 + tax
(10) AQUA AQUA Organic Duo Shadow Sheer Olive ¥2,000 + tax
(11) LOGONA Eye Shadow Trio 04 Ocean ¥3,000 + tax
(12) AQUA AQUA Organic Long Mascara Brown ¥2,500 + tax
(13) Dr. Hauschka Eye Definer ¥2,700 + tax

(14) Dr. Hauschka Brush Duo Dewy Peach ¥3,800 + tax

(15) babu- Protective Color Gloss Cosmos ¥2,700 + tax

* They may not be available in some stores.

Testimonials from the seminar attendees


Customers A: I used to just apply sunscreen assuming it will work, but I was surprised to discover that I must apply 0.8g to have any SPF effect.

Customer B: I was able to learn new methods and techniques to apply foundation correctly and conceal age spots.

Customer C: My age spots have been bugging me, but I received advice from Ms. Komatsu and learned a way to hide them. I am so happy that I participated in the seminar!

Customer D: It was shocking to discover that the way I was putting on my makeup was not lowering my exposure to ultraviolet rays. From now on, I will be taking proper measures to apply my foundation correctly.

A model: I applied a lot of foundation, but I was surprised that the foundation still felt very light and it didn't feel like I was piling on the foundation at all. Despite that, the coverage was great and I'm happy the product is gentle to my skin!

Closing Remarks

So what do you think? It is important to use the right amount of foundation to protect your skin from UV rays. Please review the sun protection measures and makeup methods by referencing Ms. Komatsu's techniques to survive this summer!

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