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The Hair & Makeup Artist, Ryoji Otani teaches you! Natural makeup and hair arrangement techniques that you can apply on party scenes.

The Hair & Makeup Artist, Ryoji Otani teaches you! Natural makeup and hair arrangement techniques that you can apply on party scenes.


For those who prefers natural makeup and uses minimum makeup daily, haven't you experienced a hard time on hair & makeup for a wedding ceremony? Because it's a special occasion, you try to do more than usual but there's too much makeup on, or it's not even natural... Don't you have this kind of experience? This time, we will learn from the popular natural makeup artist, Ryoji Otani! We will teach you an easy hair arrangement technique that you could do by yourself as well.

【Lesson1 makeup】
Base-making is important for natural makeup


Let's start from the base makeup. After applying the foundation primer over the face, dab the foundation quickly using your hands to the center of your face and blend it outwards. Using a sponge to apply the foundation will give a mat effect and "unnatural look", so for a natural makeup, we recommend you using your hands. After applying the foundation, cover the troubling parts such as red skin or eyebags using the concealer. Be careful not using too much concealer. As for the color, use a tone lighter than your skin.

★One Point Advice
・When you apply the foundation, avoid spreading it too much. Spread it roughly on purpose and let the time pass, so it fits the skin and creates a natural finishing.
・Use a creamy type concealer that fits the skin perfectly.

Natural finishing eyebrows

There are no rules concerning eyebrows, as everyone has a different shape. For example, if your eyebrows' inner part is lacking brows, add them, and if your eyebrows are droopy, use an eyebrow topcoat to bring the brows upwards.

★One Point Advice
・When you decide to cut the eyebrows, don't shave the top part but just adjust the bottom part or the length. If you're not used to doing it yourself, a beauty salon that does eyebrow shaping is recommended.
・Match the eyebrow color with your hair color.

Make a small face with shading and highlighting techniques


Bring shades by shading the face line using the brush from the chin to the jaw and the nose ridge. As for the color, choose two tones darker than your skin. If you lightly add shade under your eyebrows, it would add a three-dimensional effect on your eyes.


Afterwards, apply a highlight on the T zone, on the cheekbones and on the jaws. Beware not to use it too much.

One Point Advice
The more you use shading and highlight items that contain fine particles, it would create a more natural finishing.

Don't do too much eye makeup


Apply the eyeliner to the waterline. The keypoint is not to extend the outer corner of the eyes too much. It depends on the eye shape. However, if you have deep double eyelid, the line may be covered by the eyelid. In this case, you can draw a thicker eyeline.

★One Point Advice
Brown eyeliner can create a soft impression.


Use glittered eyeshadow to bring glamorous eyes. Rather than colorful eyeshadow, use light colors having strong glitter effects. Tap gently from the center of the eye and spread it.

One Point Advice
Mainly use the eyeshadow which is normally used as a highlight. It will create a natural and gorgeous look.


First of all, curl upwards the eyelashes with a curler. Don't just curl it up, but also curl it so it flows towards the temple for a natural finishing. Then, apply the mascara. For those who have long eyelashes, use a comb type mascara. If you choose the brush, the lashes will become voluminous, and the eyelashes may be too intense. Choose your mascara type according to your natural eyelashes.

You can make ideal lips


Concerning the lips, depending your way of applying lip products apply, you can get closer to having ideal lips. If we use the model as an example, she has a small mouth, so we should create volume. We will slightly contour the outer part of the lips.


Once the contouring is done, put some color on the entire lips. Then, add shimmering gloss on the central part so the lips become voluminous.

One Point Advice
Overlay the lipstick and the lip gloss to create juicy lips.

Use the cheek color just to have a good complexion


Put on the cheek color slightly above the cheeks. Use both pink and orange color. If you use only pink, it doesn't bring natural impression so use the pink as the base, and softly add orange on the corners of the eyes and the cheekbones.

One Point Advice
Use more than 2 colors to give a healthy complexion


And finally, use the shadow once more on the face line. Use the concealer on the eyebags or other concerning parts for a fine finishing. Select the concealer that is two tones lighter than your skin for the finishing step.


And now, the natural makeup is done!

Lesson2 Hair Arrangement

Try arranging your hair matching with your makeup! We will teach you fast and easy hair arrangement.


First of all, put on the item to bring volumes on the top part of the hair.


Bring the hair backwards as if you were hiding the top part. Then, comb up the hair for volumes in the front.


Put your hair up roughly and make sure to leave a bit of hair on the side.


Curl the loose hair outward and inward randomly with a curling iron. Loosen the hair by gripping it on the curled parts for a rougher effect.


If the hair is too scattered, adjust it with a pin.


Apply hair spray at the part you'd like to hold, and add a hair accessory to finish the hair arrangement.


Natural makeup in a party scene is not light makeup but a "natural looking makeup". Make the base thoroughly, and it is important to add gorgeousness using point makeup. Please challenge it!

The cosmetics that we have used this time


From left
HEROINE MAKE Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep (3 colors) 1,000 yen + tax
ETTUSAIS Lash Version Up 1,000 yen + tax
ETTUSAIS Juicy Lip-Jelly (6 colors) 1,300 yen + tax
OPERA R Lip Tint (6 colors) 1,500 yen + tax
※ Other objects are the stylist's belongings


Ryuji Otani Hair and Makeup Artist
After graduating from a beauty school, and working 4 years in a barber shop in Tokyo, he studied under Inagaki Ryoji, a Hair and Makeup Artist.
After a year and a half, he became independent, and stayed for 3 years in New York and gained experience by participating in the NY collection. After returning to Japan, he works in various advertisements, magazines, movies and CD covers.

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