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Change your look this spring! Tips and Tricks from Hair & Makeup Artist, Kaori Nagai

Change your look this spring! Tips and Tricks from Hair & Makeup Artist, Kaori Nagai


From Kaori Nagai, hair & makeup artist and author of tutorial books as "~All Eyes on Me~ It's Cosmetic, Not Technique" and "This is It? 96 Makeup Tips for Looking Good Every Time", comes the following tips and tricks perfect for business occasions.Feel free to take up the challenge, as the explanation is detailed from base make-up, all the way to lipstick finish.

A Strong Base Equals A More Translucent Look!


(1)Hide Uneven Pores and Blackheads with Foundation
Apply foundation to the tip of your nose or any other points of concern. Apply in circular motions to cover up the pores. As a rule of thumb, blend foundation into pores from all directions. To achieve a glossy finish instead of a matte look, do not spread all over face and only concentrate on parts you do not want to smear!


(2) Apply Multiple Coats

Apply a coating of green colored foundation to the center of your face, and begin spreading. Green is recommended for a natural clear look, due to its effect of staving off dullness and reddish color on the skin. Like before, do not spread all over face, and instead focus on the center.

Three-Dimensional Look is Possible with only 1 Color Foundation!


(3)Thoroughly and Heavily Apply Foundation to the "Beauty Zone"
Once ready, begin applying the foundation. For this step, use a liquid-based foundation. Foundation with a smooth and creamy texture is recommended. First, apply foundation on the top parts of the eyes starting from the lower ends, over to the temple. Then, lightly pat the foundation using a sponge and gradually thicken the coat.

According to Ms. Nagai, the amount of application to this zone, or what she calls the "Beauty Zone", will determine how beautiful the skin tone will look.

(4)Lightly Sprinkle All Over Face to Finish
After finishing the Beauty Zone, lightly spread the remaining foundation on sponge over nose, forehead, eyelid and all other parts aside from the Zone. Emphasize on having a sharp contrast between thick coats and thin coats. This will result in a three-dimensional look.

Final Touches for the Makeup Base


(5)Sneak in Some Blush
Sneaking in some blush colors during the base building phase will bring out a natural looking skin tone. For this step, use blush cream. Due to the thickness of the cream, spread over the back of your hand first before applying to your skin. Then, using the same sponge from the previous step, apply some blush to the areas with foundation, and begin spreading to the center of your face in a circular motion.


(6)Coating the Makeup Base with Powder
Using a cotton puff, apply powder to areas susceptible to smearing, such as the T-zone and areas under the eyes. The important point here is to rub in plenty of powder to the cotton puff. For glossier look in some areas, apply additional powder with a brush to the said areas. Since powders will not stick to brushes as much as cotton puffs, a light glossy look will be created.

Brown Eyes Make-Up for a Precise Look

(7)Applying Eye Shadow
Avoid colors such as Bordeaux as it will not work in a business setting. The recommended color is brownish colors, which add a shading, and bring forth a classy mature look.


First, find the brightest color in the palette and add it all over eyelid to offset the dullness. Apply same colors to the eye bag. This will give a fresh, vibrant look.


Next, gradually add some shading to the crease and contour of the eye with a light brown color. The point here is to spread using your finger. This will result in a natural finish. Then, gradually add same light brown color to the corner of the lower eyelid using an eyeshadow chip.

Word of caution, do not apply eye makeup to only one eye at a time. It is important not to focus on one eye, but to work on both eyes simultaneously to adjust the balance.


(8)Use Eyelash Curlers to Add Extra Shine to Pupil
Using an eyelash curler creates a world of difference to the amount of light shining into the pupils. Make sure not to skip this step. As a rule of thumb, firmly place the curved portion of the curler alongside the eye. Then, rather than moving the wrist, move the entire arm in upward motion to perfectly curb the eyelash.


(9)Curl Keeper Mascara & Eyeliner
After using the eyelash curler, fix the eyelash using a colored mascara. Be sure to apply plenty of curl-keeping liquid from the root to the tip of the eyelash.


While drying the liquid, apply eyeliner starting from the underneath of the curled eyelashes. The point here is to apply eyeliner in continuous small dots. Use a pencil type eyeliner instead of a liquid type, which will result in a more elegant look, and is recommended. Also, do not forget to use one with a thin tip.

If drawing eyeliner from the bottom results in the uneven eyeliner on the upper areas of the eyelashes, apply some shading by using the same brown-colored eyeshadow from the previous step.


(10)Apply Mascara from the Root
A little mascara is OK, but keep in mind to apply it from the root. Before using the wand, bending the tip at a 30-degree angle will make the application process easier. Using a plain mascara, rather than a fiber-based type, will result in a more natural finish.

Beautiful Eyebrows are created from Drawing in the Correct Sequence


(11)Creating Natural-Looking Eyebrows
First, comb eyebrows with a screw brush. After combing, draw a line from the arch to the corner of the eye. Then draw by sweeping a brush from the tail of the brows towards the front. Once finished, blur using a brush. Repeat the above sweeping and combing process. Be careful not to apply a thick coating on the head of eyebrows.
Finally, apply finishing touches using a pencil. As with the eye makeup step, both eyebrows should be done simultaneously.

Apply Blush to the Face Center for a Fresh, Vibrant Look


(12)Finishing Touches using Apricot and/or Salmon Pink
Lightly apply a powder blush on top of the previously applied blush coat. Some may be wary of looking a little too cute with blush colors to the center of the face, but don't worry! Apricot as a color adapts well to skin, so there is no problem!

Tying it All Together with the Same Color


(13)Finish with Lipstick to Complete your Makeup
Use a cream based blush for the lipstick, the same one from the previous step for preparing the base makeup. Using the same colors will tie it all together. You can even layer a coral color to finish.


Natural, but also precise. Not to mention the translucent complexion!

Items Used


Pore Putty, Mineral-based BB cream, EM (1,200 yen + tax)
Candy Doll, Bright Pure Base Mint Green (1,490 yen + tax)
Revlon, Photo Ready Primer 001 (1,500 yen + tax)
Canmake, Cream Cheek 05 (580 yen + tax)
Mama Butter, Cheek Color Pink (1,500 yen + tax)
Ettusais, Lash Version Up (1,000 yen + tax)
Kingdom, Gel Eyeliner Dark Brown (1,200 yen + tax)
AVANCÉ, Hollywood Mascara Long Curl (1,500 yen + tax)

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