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Say Bye to Dry Lips! Lip Care and Cosmetics for Lovable Lips

Say Bye to Dry Lips! Lip Care and Cosmetics for Lovable Lips


A season when you become concerned with dryness. Do you have dry lips? People tend to slack off on their lip care, and before they know, their lips have vertical wrinkles or are peeling. If you have such dry lips, all that make up you put on will go to waste! Make sure to do your lip care and aim for lovable lips. This time, we will introduce lip care methods and a recommended item--a lip gloss that brings out the charm of your lips.

First, Lip Care. Choose Lip Creams for Different Purposes

The closest path to having lovable lips is to have several lip creams for different purposes. If you are concerned about dullness and roughness of your lips, then use Beauty Mine's Oil Care Lip Scrub to remove the old skin. For measures against dryness, make sure to moisturize with Country & Stream Lip Cream HM, which is characterized by its thick cream. It is also good for those with sensitive skin to use Mommy! Natural Oil Lip, which is made purely out of food constituents, to care for their lips.
It is also recommended to use lip masks as a special lip care. There are other easy lip care methods such as putting plastic wraps after applying the lip cream you have for moisturizing. Please make sure to try it out.


From left in the image
Beauty Mine's Oil Care Lip Scrub (Limited Availability) ¥1,200 + tax
Mommy! Natural Oil Lip ¥800 + tax
Country & Stream Lip Cream HM ¥460 + tax

Last Step of Lovable Lips! Add Moisture with Lip Glosses

Once the dryness is gone from your lips, lip glosses will look more beautiful when they are applied. They will make your lips look moisturized and juicy, a must-have item for getting lovable lips. Find your favorite color to get your ideal lips. Excel Lip Care Oil L002 makes your lips look glossy with seven types of natural beauty ingredients. Flowfushi Lip 38°C 0.1 Lip Treatment is characterized by a ruddy red color as if your lips are lightly flushed. Etvos N2 Mineral Lip Plumper is a lip emulsion that adds plumpness and volume to your lips by just applying. It is a hypoallergenic and mild lip care.
If you have a hard time deciding on a color, just choose your favorite color. If you are unsure about doing so, imagine the person you want to become and choose the color from characteristics of colors such as sophisticated or cute. We also recommend that you test out the color before buying to check whether the lip color matches you.


From left in the image
Excel Lip Care Oil L002 (Cherry Pink) ¥1,400 + tax
Flowfushi Lip 38°C Lip Treatment (Coral Orange) ¥1,600 + tax
Etvos N2 Mineral Lip Plumper (Innocent Rose) ¥2,800 + tax


You want to make sure that you care for your lips during this season when you become concerned with dryness. Say goodbye to dry lips and get lovable lips!

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