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Dry Skin No Matter What? What You Should Do Right Now to Stay Moisturized

Dry Skin No Matter What? What You Should Do Right Now to Stay Moisturized


Do you notice the dry skin area around your eyes and cheeks, even though you moisturize every day? We attended an event called Skincare for the Dry Winter Season at our Ginza store to learn from natural cosmetic advisor Kazuko Komatsu, who introduced us to eco-friendly and safe organic cosmetics and how to use them. Here, we'll share with you measures against dry skin we learned at the seminar.

What to Do Now to Prevent Dryness


Wrong skincare routines will dry your skin, even when using good products. Here are three steps we learned directly from Komatsu to beat winter dryness.

(Step 1) Rethink your skincare items
(Step 2) Choosing skincare items
(Step 3) Take care of your skin the right way

(Step 1) Rethink your skincare items


Komatsu says one of the causes of dry skin is over-washing. She says that over-washing happens when you don't consider the combination of the products you are using. She recommends shifting to mild organic cleansers and soaps when using organic makeup to prevent over-washing.

(Step 2) Choosing skincare items

Those with dry skin need to be careful about choosing cleansers, soaps, and cream. Here are some tips on how to choose.

[Choose moisturizing cleansers and soaps. ]
Harsh cleansers remove not only makeup and dirt but also the important layers of skin required to retain moisture. We recommend emulsion or cream-type cleansers. They contain oil to keep skin moisturized even after cleansing. For soaps, we recommend ones infused with olive, avocado, macadamia, or other plant-based oils that contains plenty of oleic acid. These not only remove grime but leave skin hydrated.

[Use two types of cream according to their purposes]


Cream comes in two major types: water and oil-based. Water-based cream has a light texture and is perfect for moisturizing dry skin. However, for those with dry skin, we do recommend layering on harder oil-based creams around the eye and mouth area, which tend to get dry easily. Make sure you use the samples to check the texture of the cream before purchasing.

(Step 3) Take care of your skin the right way

Here, we present the right way to care for skin, from removing makeup to moisturizing.

① Cleansers & Soap


Poduct: MICHELLE BIO Trois Rose Velvety Cleansing Milk (120 g) ¥3,000 + tax

Take a generous amount of cleanser into your palm and gently massage it into your skin. Be extra gentle on the thin skin around the eyes. You can add some pressure around the nose, and the mouth, since oil and dead skin are more likely to build up in these areas. When using soap to remove makeup, don't let it foam too much. Gently massage your face, letting the soap seep into your makeup. When using organic makeup, there is generally no need to wash twice, which helps prevent over-washing.

② Lotion


Product: Lar Neo Natural Healing Lotion (120 ml) ¥2,950 + tax

People with dry skin tend to go for thicker texture when it comes to lotion. However, dry skin means that you need more moisture, so it's better to use watery lotions. Gently pat the lotion to make sure it will absorb into your skin.

③ Serum


Product: chant a charm Moist Charge Essence (30 ml) ¥3,800 + tax

We recommend that those with dry skin should go for gel types, those who want resilience, elasticity, and glow should go for an oil type, and those who are concerned about both should go for an emulsion type. Use your hands to apply the serum evenly on your face.

④ Cream


Product: ALTEYA ORGANICS Bulgarian Rose Moisturizer (50 ml) ¥3,600 + tax / PHYT'S Reviderm Cream (40 g) ¥6,500 + tax

After your morning routine, you will be putting on oil-based foundation, so after applying lotion and serum, finish with a smooth-textured water-based cream. We recommend using a thick, oil-based cream around your eye and mouth, which tend to get dry, in your night skincare routine after you've applied the water-based cream on your face.

Products Mentioned in This Article


From the left
Cleansing: MICHELLE BIO Trois Rose Velvety Cleansing Milk (120 g) ¥3,000 + tax *Only available at the Ginza store.
Lotion: Lar Neo Natural Healing Lotion (120 ml) ¥2,950 + tax
Cream: ALTEYA ORGANICS Bulgarian Rose Moisturizer (50 ml) ¥3,600 + tax *Available only at some stores, including the Ginza store. / PHYT'S Reviderm Cream (40 g) ¥6,500 + tax *Only available at the Ginza store
Serum: chant a charm Moist Charge Essence (30 ml) ¥3,800 + tax

Closing Remarks

Listening to your skin is important for skincare. Pay attention to the condition of your skin and the season to choose the right products!

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