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For removal of excess body hair! Prepare for summer with these recommended outstanding items

For removal of excess body hair! Prepare for summer with these recommended outstanding items


It's time to dress lightly. You may be wondering how to go about hair removal on a daily basis, and if you're planning to hit the beach or pool in summer, how to remove the back hair which you cannot check yourself, and under hair, which could be a concern if you're wearing a swimsuit. We are introducing hair removal products recommended for areas that are difficult to reach and for thorough care so as not to miss spots on legs, arms, and fingers.

Easy back care with a 20 cm long handle

One place that is rather difficult to check for excessive hair by yourself is your back. You wouldn't want to embarrass yourself by going to a beach or pool not knowing you have unwanted hair on your back! "Kyamiso~ru", a razor for your back, is recommended for your back hair! With a long handle of 20 cm, you can easily shave from the back of your neck down to your shoulder blades. Remove all your back hair and make your back beautiful!


Kyamisoru 400 yen + tax

Get rid of that annoying hair sticking out of your underwear!

Of all hair removal methods, people have the most trouble taking care of the under hair. Those who shave the under hair with a razor or scissors may have experienced hair sticking out of their underwear. "Sorushell" is recommended to avoid repeating such a mistake. It's a razor made exclusively to shave under hair. To make the tip of hair soft after shaving, the razor is equipped with a 25 degree angle guide. By shaving like brushing hair with a guide placed against your skin, you can prevent your hair from sticking out.


Cogit Sorushell 980 yen + tax

Prevent missing spots on arms and legs, use hair removal cream!

Razors and electric shavers are commonly used when caring for arms and legs. It's easy but then we miss spots on the back sides of our arms and legs.. Pretty often, too. By applying hair removal cream, you can check if you covered all the areas, reduce the number of missed spots and reduce stub! It's easy to use, too. Apply the cream evenly and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then wipe off with a tissue or gauze, and wash off thoroughly! It's recommended because you can take care of your skin and remove your hair at the same time.


From the left
Venus Lab Thalasso Beaute Epi Cream (scent of marine bouquet and scent of floral bouquet, 200 g) 2,980 yen + tax
(*The product cannot be applied on delicate areas.)
TBC Epi Remover (200 g) 2,980 yen + tax
(*The product cannot be applied on face or delicate areas except for the V line.)

*Usages differ from product to product. Please be sure to read the instructions before use.

Remove often forgotten finger hair!

Were there times when you thoroughly removed your back hair, under hair, and hair on your arms and legs, but forgot about hair on your fingers? "Medicated hair removal cream for fingers" is recommended for fingers that often get forgotten. It's very small so you can keep it in your purse and use it when you need to. All you have to do is apply the cream on your fingers, leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes, wipe off with tissue or gauze, and wash off thoroughly.


Cogit Medicated hair removal cream for fingers (20 g) 980 yen + tax


How was the article? We have introduced recommended outstanding products for hair removal. Remove hair thoroughly before summer events and enjoy fully beaches and pools!

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