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Solutions against sweating for concerned women. A deodorant recommendation to keep your skin silky smooth.

Solutions against sweating for concerned women. A deodorant recommendation to keep your skin silky smooth.


It is now the season when the temperatures are becoming warmer and warmer. You should have solutions for sweat when you are outside or in your office. So, here are deodorant and antiperspirant recommendations especially for women. They are all quick and useful solutions when you're sweating or if you have a little concern with your smell!

If you want to keep your feet nice and smooth, use the toetoe spray or powder

Products from toetoe are 100% organic aroma therapeutic and are here to solve your worries about your feet. Use the powder before you go out to keep your feet smooth. Or, just give your feet a quick spray if you start to feel them getting warm. With just a small spray, it keeps your feet feeling perfectly smooth with the refreshing scent of natural aroma. The Foot sheet are recommended for those that want to wipe their feet clean and feel refreshed. The spray and the sheets are particularly convenient as they can be used over your stockings.


From the left
Sara Sara Foot Spray (50 ml) ¥1,000 + tax
Sara Sara Foot Sheet (20 sheets) ¥600 + tax
Sara Sara Foot Powder (7 g) ¥1,200 + tax

The key feature of the popular Deonatulle is that you can apply it directly!

"Deonatulle" deodorants are always popular on cosmetic-related websites. Their key feature is that you can apply them to your armpit, feet, or wherever you are concerned about body odor. The stick type from the Soft Stone series is a standard item of that brand. It is easy to use for when you are busy, is not sticky, and does not turn white. The color control type has a green tone to correct the dullness of your armpit. It hides the dullness, and you can also expect to have your skin look one tone brighter. Sara Sara Cream for Feet, which was specially designed for your feet can be applied directly to where you feel gets hot or sweaty. They all contain a natural alum stone component called "potassium alum anhydrous" and works against body odors that you are concerned with.


From the left
Sara Sara Cream for Feet (30 g) ¥1,000 + tax
Soft Stone W Color Control (20 g) ¥1,150 + tax
Soft Stone W (20 g) ¥1,000 + tax

You can use it on your body but also on your clothes where the smell bothers you!

Alum has been an ingredient in grooming essentials since the old times*. "Mineral Deostone Alum Crystal Spray" uses pure alum stone. If you spray your armpit, feet, or other areas of your concern, the acidic alum will tighten your pores and smoothens your skin, which is sticky from sweat and oil that causes bad odor. It can be used on your body as well as clothes, pillows, bedding, and other items that easily absorb the smell. It comes in a small size, perfect for carrying around. (*Aluminum potassium sulfate: pore tightening ingredient)


Mineral Deostone Alum Crystal Spray Mini (50 ml) ¥860 + tax

Closing Remarks

How was it? You will feel ready if you at least have one deodorant. Choose your perfect item depending on your problems.

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