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[Recommended] 3 Types of Towels: from Odor Prevention to Fast-Drying.  Perfect for Indoor Drying.

[Recommended] 3 Types of Towels: from Odor Prevention to Fast-Drying. Perfect for Indoor Drying.


If you're someone who dislikes others seeing their clothes hanging outside or who needs to do their laundry at night because of work during the day, you'll probably always end up having to hang clothes to dry indoors. But drying indoors leaves odors in our clothes! And then they're smelly immediately after washing! Haven't we all experienced this before? To combat this problem, we would like to introduce these excellent towels.

Just Why Does Indoor Drying Cause Odors?

We've all been experiencing this kind of situation before. That sour, smelly, and long-lasting odor. The reason our laundry leaves behind these odors is mainly due to the bacteria from residual moisture, or dirt and sweat remaining on the clothes for long periods of time. Compared to drying outside, drying indoors takes a long time. That is why bacteria has more time to easily grow in numbers. So the important things to note here are "Don't Help Bacteria Grow!" and "Dry As Fast As Possible!" For anyone having to dry indoors, we recommend towels that prevent bacteria and can be easily dry.

[Odor Prevention] Bacteria and Odor Prevention Type, to control odor-emitting bacteria

If you're concerned about the odors that come from drying indoors, we recommend Bacteria Prevention-type towels. This "Hare-Yaka" series of towels uses special threads that prevent the spread of Moraxella bacteria, the main culprit behind unpleasant odors. These exceptional towels retain their bacteria and odor prevention properties even after repeated washing. In addition, the ends of these towels are thinner, making them much easier to dry. Furthermore, compared to normal-sized towels (approx. 60cm wide), the slim-sized towels (50cm wide) allow for compact storage, making them not only high in quality but also perfect for daily life in Japan.



"Hare-Yaka" Towel Series by Nishikawa Sangyo Co.LTD
Slim-Sized Bath Towels: 2,500 yen + tax
Bath Towels: 3,500 yen + tax

[Fast-Drying Type] Dries in Half the Time Compared to Regular Towels

The soft and fluffy towels in this "Maro-Yaka" series are made from pulper threads, which are fast-drying polyester fibers coated in cotton, making it possible to halve* drying time compared to regular towels. In addition, the gentle and softly twisted micro-fiber threads cut the weight of these towels by as much as 65%*, making them much lighter and softer. We take pride in these functional yet easy on the skin towels made in Imabari, a city is famous for its towel production.
*Reference: https://www.nishikawasangyo.co.jp/special/towel_2018/ (Website: Nishikawa Sangyo Co.LTD)


"Maro-Yaka" Towel Series by Nishikawa Sangyo: 3,500 yen + tax

[Slim-Type] Hang Them on Coat Hangers for Easy Drying and Carry Them Around.

The Camp Slim Bath Towels are just as long as other bath towels, but much slimmer in width, making them easy to dry on coat hangers. Compared to clip-hangers, using coat hangers will not get in the way of other laundry items, making it easier to dry everything. It is convenient when there is too much laundry or should you only need to dry this towel when traveling. Furthermore, they are compact in size and come with a rubber-band attachment for easy storage and carrying, perfect for both outdoor excursions and travel.


Camp Slim Bath (34cm wide x 120cm long): 1,200 yen + tax each

Finishing Touches!? Specialized Shampoo and Conditioner for Towels

If you really want to add the finishing touches to your towels, we recommend using these: shampoo and conditioner specially designed for use on towels. This "Shampoo for Towels", an all-natural oil-based soap combined with synthetic surfactant made with traditional boiling methods, helps retain the towel's natural softness and high water absorbency. Because it prevents damage to clothing and is easy on the skin, it's perfect for use on clothes for babies and people with sensitive skin. And finally, apply this "Conditioner for Towels" to add an even softer and gentler finishing touch. It helps neutralize the residual alkaline and soap components in the towel, in addition to preventing odors and decolorized due to its citric acid qualities.


Shampoo for Towels: 1,300 yen + tax, Conditioner for Towels: 1,200 yen + tax

At the End

Since we use towels to dry our skin, we always want them to feel good to the touch. Furthermore, it's been said that finding new ways to dry them can prove to be effective. Try putting more space between clothes, or use fans and circulators to speed up the drying process.

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