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New beauty routines! Focusing on towels with specific uses--body, face, or hair

New beauty routines! Focusing on towels with specific uses--body, face, or hair


This may be random, but do you use different towels based on their use? You might use bath and face towels separately since they are different sizes, but just like you use different products for face and hair, we recommend that you choose towels specifically for your skin or hair. How would you like to start your new beauty routine using special towels handpicked by Tokyu Hands?

Airkaol is recommended for body towels--light, fine, and highly absorbent

We recommend Airkaol, which is made out of handpicked organic cotton, for body towels.
The cotton is woven with relatively large spaces, making it highly absorbent. Therefore, it is more absorbency compared to regular towels, reducing skin damage from wiping your body. It is thick but light, allowing you to quickly wipe your body after a bath, preventing you from cooling down, which is a great feature for this time of the year. It also does not shed many fibers, preventing fibers from getting into your mouth or nose, making it safe for the whole family including toddlers and infants.


Airkaol (32 x 120 cm) ¥1800 + tax

A face towel seeking the ultimate comfort

We selected Heavenly Comfort Facial Cleansing Pad for face towels. The manufacturer has kept chemicals to the minimum in processing the textile to achieve the natural softness of cotton. Knitted textile was added to make it double layered and even softer. It feels very soft--literally, heavenly to the touch. It has less friction compared to regular towels, reducing the burden on your skin, making this a perfect towel for those who have skin problems. It is about the same size as your face, so you can warm or cool it to put on your face for relaxation or tightening of pores.


HACOON Heavenly Comfort Facial Cleansing Pad (32 x 28 cm) ¥1,800 + tax

Keep your hair beautiful with towels designed by a hair stylist

Wet hair is very delicate and is easily damaged even if the friction is weak. Therefore, we want to choose our towels wisely. That is where Hahonico Hair Dry Towel Microfiber, designed by a hair stylist who knows all about hair, comes in. Microfibers are sewn using a unique method, increasing the absorbency, allowing those with long hair to dry their hair quickly.
If you dry your hair well using a towel, you will not have to use a hair dryer for too long, reducing hair damage.
The towel has cut piles to achieve a smooth touch and to prevent tugging at your hair.


Hanihoco Hair Dry Towel Microfiber ¥1,000 + tax

Closing Remarks

For beautiful skin or hair, we need to look at lotion and cream as well as towels. We want to pay attention to the details when choosing because it is something we use every day on our skin and hair.

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