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[For Your Summer Showers] 3 Accessories to Help You Feel Refreshed!

[For Your Summer Showers] 3 Accessories to Help You Feel Refreshed!


The sweaty days of midsummer are upon us... To help you get through this sweltering heat, we've put together a few recommended items for your summer bath time. This is a must-read for those that want to wash away the sweat and stay refreshed even after the shower!

Changing the water flow to change how you feel! Changing out the showerhead


Our first recommendation is DADADA. Apply the jet wave stream to the head, shoulders, hips, feet, or any place that feels weary. With roughly 4,500 waves per minute, this powerful stream of water not only washes thoroughly but massages as well.

The powerful stream of water will reach you even if you are away from the showerhead, meaning it can be used hands-free.


After the powerful jet stream, switch over to regular stream of water for a relaxing shower.

Body Care Shower Head DADADA ¥8,380 + tax

Next is RELEXA Five from GROHE, the world's leading provider of sanitary fittings. RELEXA has an amazing five stream patterns, covering a wide range from regular to strong or gentle.


Regular spray. Smooth, standard stream.

Select a stream according to your needs or mood! For example, if you want to wake up refreshed in the morning, choose "massage," and if you are feeling tired in the evening, choose "champagne" to relax.


The champagne spray has a bubbly and luxurious texture.


The massage spray comes in intervals, applying a comfortable pressure.


We recommend the rain spray for the end of your day.


The jet stream works your muscles, massaging them.

GROHE RELEXA Five ¥17,300 + tax

Thoroughly clean places you can't get to with a body brush!


For those that want to be spotlessly clean, we recommend the body brush from Marna. It is easy to neglect your back, since you can't see it yourself. That's where the curved handle perfectly fitted to the body comes in handy, making it easy for you to wash your back! The brush is also detachable from the handle, making it easier to wash the arms and the legs thoroughly.

Marna Body Brush Curved Handle (Total Length 43.5 cm) ¥2,800 + tax

A cool finish with "Hakka" Japanese mint!


Speaking of feeling refreshed, we can't forget about cooling items. For this, we have the hakka (Japanese mint) soap and body shampoo from Matsuyama. Use the traditional kamadaki (kettle-cooked) soap to experience the refreshing aroma of natural Japanese mint essential oil for a cool and rejuvenating sensation. Feel cool and comfortable during your summer bath time!

M Mark "Kamadaki" Hakka Body Soap (400 ml) ¥600 + tax
M Mark Hakka Soap (100 g) ¥240 + tax

Closing Remarks

You'll want to make bath time as pleasant as possible to survive the summer heat. These items not only clean your body, but refresh the spirit as well. Use these items to enjoy a rejuvenating bath time!

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